Britain launches world's most entertaining battleship

HMS Daring is the world’s most advanced and lethal destroyer, bristing with advanced technology, missile defense systems and stealthed like a sub.

Oh, and it’s co-ed, with ipod plugins for sailors.

It is the PERFECT setting for one of those anime shows where rather-too-young teenagers get to go to war on the super duper battleship and have all sorts of FUN

I just want to see the Daring sailor outfits.

That’s a destroyer, not a battleship.

2 squares, not 4.

I think I saw a porn movie like this one time.

Daring! Pshaw!

Get with it man, the RN’s been coed for years. When I was aboard the USS America (CV-66) in '92, the HMS Beaver was part of our battle group. Our division talked to them every day by radio. One of the wrens on board Her Majesty’s Beaver had the sexiest motherfucking voice. Now that was the world’s most entertaining warship.

So the ship was launched but all they have is an artists rendition of what it will look like? Damn, that’s secrecy.

I think the Beaver is one of those being retired to be replaced with one of these new battleships. So it will soon be a stealth beaver.

Rumor has it these ships are testing Britain’s new EMP weapons. Britain is supposedly the only country to have cracked on-demand EMP projection, which is basically a shit-hot thing to have in a fight.

Not to be pedantic, but it’s a destroyer, damn it!

And on a sorrowful note, it appears that the brave Beaver was decommissioned in 1999 and sold for scrap in 2001. The hero ship America was sunk off Philly in 2005.

When they said that the ship is “stealthy, like a submarine,” what they actually mean is that it sank. The artist’s rendition is all that remains.

Is there a meaningful difference? I was under the impression that the classifications used for naval warships were fuzzy things at best and vary from nation to nation so real precision is hard to come by even amongst navally knowledgeable folks.

HMS Daring’s 230-strong crew should be happy too. She and her sisters will be the first “gender-neutral” warships to enter Royal Navy service, and the Hotel Facilities, as the living quarters are known, are the most opulent ever fitted in a British warship. Mess decks are replaced by individual cabins, each with their own I-pod charging points, CD player, internet access, five channel recreational audio and larger berths.

What the heck has happened to the Royal Navy? No mess deck, individual cabins, larger berths? You have to wonder who designed this ship when they start talking about Hotel Facilities on a warship. Horatio Nelson is turning in his grave. =)

It used to be that ships could also be classed based on tonnage and role within a fleet. The US Arleigh Burke class destroyer could pretty much replace the cruisers in carriers groups now based on it’s capabilities. It just can’t carry as many missiles as the larger ship I think.

This is because I keep thinking of the anime show in my head with the teenieboppers going off to have fun at war in their marching band uniforms on the space battleship with the iPods, web access, 5.1 surround audio and cable TV in their personal cabins.

And on a sorrowful note, it appears that the brave Beaver was decommissioned in 1999 and sold for scrap in 2001.

Shhh! Don’t tell the Canadians. They thought they were buying something operational!

From the photo i saw, I think it’s just a hull without the superstructure. They add that after the launch.

It’s operational in 2009, is an ipod charger really going to be a standard then?

Things can get fuzy at the margins with destroyers, cruisers, and frigates, but with battleships and aircraft carriers, the distinctions are quite clear. The Daring is no battleship. Battleships are large, heavily armored, and able to lob shells the weight of Volkswagon Beatles over the horizon. Also, as the cited article states, the Daring is officially designated a destroyer.

Are you refering to the Space Battleship Yamato? Thanks to you I now have the Star Blazers theme in my head.

Thats because its private , you perv.

“British” was good enough.


I fall out of my chair laughing whenever the CBC has yet another story about those nuclear subs Canada bought from Britain.