British Army: official policy of racial profiling

Now I’m not sure if this is one of those media outlets which all the Brits will come in here and tell us Colonials that it has no credibility and is just as bad as Fox News, etc. That may be the case. :)

In any event, 20 years of racial profiling in the British Army, from 1957-1977. The first sentence of the short article: “The Army kept secret records of all recruits with “Asiatic or Negroid features” for almost two decades as part of a policy of “quota restrictions” on non-whites, according to official files.”

No, there’s nothing wrong with the Herald, although the story isn’t that big a deal either. So there was racism in Britain 30 years ago? There’s still racism there now. That the army had an official policy of trying to ensure individual corps didn’t have too many non-whites (I guess to ensure there were enough “British” patriots) thirty years ago really doesn’t sound all that much like a major issue to me, unless there is evidence that they are still implementing a similar policy now.

Here’s another source for the story, just in case someone complains ;).