British ex-prisoners: Uh, yeah, ignore what we said

Some very salient points from a recent news conference held by the ex-captives:

  • They believed they were well within Iraqi waters
  • The Iranians intercepted them expressly to capture prisoners
  • They consciously decided not to resist to avoid sparking a war
  • They were isolated, and interrogated “roughly and directly” (which probably meant sleep deprivation) and told that if they didn’t give the statements asked, they would be in Iranian prisons for 7 years, and if they did, they’d go home immediately
  • The female prisoner in particular was focused on, told that she was the only one still prisoner, and took the full brunt of the interrogations
  • The team decided to tell the Iranians whatever they wanted to hear to get the hell out of Dodge

All of which we pretty much knew (especially given that much of their “statements” were in pretty broken English).

I eagerly await folks to now chime in and say they are lying to make poor Iran look bad! Bonus points if you can blame Bush somehow.

Hey, sounds like Gitmo!! But not as bad. And they did let them go.

I didn’t read the previous arguments, but how is this news? Captives say whatever they have to go get released from Middle Eastern prisons, film at 11?

I think the only person who’d likely do that is dirt. Every other thinking person who can reason knows that this is most likely what did happen.

Was this really necessary?

I imagine it’s far more likely you’ll get the folks who were calling for the woman’s head to jump in and say how none of this matters and they’re still traitors.

And THAT would be Bush’s fault for propagating the “you’re either with us or against us” mentality.

But yeah, no news here. I am curious if there are any people who believe that the British soldiers were lying to their captors just to get released but also believe the confessions at Gitmo as undisputed fact, however.

Lum was exaggerating to make a joke. You’re not taking that personally, are you?

Huh? _

I realize it was a joke, I just think it was a poor one. I mean, did I miss the thread where people were feeling bad for Iran over this whole mess? We have enough baseless “lol liberals” comments here already.

Where in the article is the above bolded text ever mentioned or implied, Lum? This is the only mention of the woman:

The only woman in the group, Leading Seaman Faye Turney was told by her captors the others had been freed and gone home.

Are you, um, exaggerating for effect, perhaps? Or am I missing something?

I think they should be court-martialled. They’re not civilians. They represent the UK militia. Where’s the pride?

Am I good, or am I good?

You’re predictable.

Delicious irony.

Paging Mr Pot, paging Mr Pot. Please pick up a call from Mr Kettle on line 1!

Completely, utterly hilarious.

I particularly liked how they made the woman change into a robe and wear a headscarf.

And by liked, I mean fuck them and the horse they rode in on.

<insert graphic of Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes>

You should see it from my side. I think anybody would be hard pressed to find a thread (where I have posted) involving politics or race where you haven’t posted to flame me. It’s like Pavlov’s dog. Even better, in this thread, you’ve beat me to the punch!

Come on, Dirt. Your sole purpose is to post a contrary position in a thread, then continue to post the equivalent of “nuh uh” for the rest of the thread when challenged on it.