British ex-prisoners: Uh, yeah, ignore what we said

Nuh uh.

OK, that was funny.

Really? Name a few examples, other than this one, or the other one you started on this issue, because those are the only times I can think of. Are you confusing me with another Hawkeye or something?

Anyhoo, back to the topic at hand:

I’m confused as to where these points came from. I think the first one is pretty obvious, but I didn’t see where the second one is stated by anyone. The article you linked says that the sailors didn’t fight back because they knew they couldn’t win. Is there more info on the idea that they didn’t want to spark a war?

I read that some folks in the UK were angry that the sailors and marines cooperated. I find that rather silly–what possibly could have been gained by the captives making things worse, not only for themselves, but for their nation, in that dragging this thing out more couldn’t benefit anyone.

Hell, they’re probably mostly young, scared, feeling helpless, and full of God knows what sort of imaginings about the Iranians and what they might do the them.

Luring folks into compromising or vulnerable positions and nabbing them is an old, old Cold War trick. The Russians used to do it along the border between the FRG and DDR, and the North Koreans have turned it into an art form. No reason to think the Iranians haven’t learned from watching. Much better to get those folks home and then bitch about things than to delay their release.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: confirmation bias.

They were all issued clothes by the government, the men got bad suits, and the woman a headscarf, shirt and trousers. Their first pictures were in uniform; I guess they needed a change of clothes after 15 days in captivity.

In the West women are expected to cover up their private parts and breasts, men just their private parts. Iran is more conservative, expecting everyone to cover up all skin apart from hands and head, and women to also cover their hair.

Women don’t seem to have too many problems dressing attractively in Tehran despite the dress laws:

But you do have to feel sorry for their women’s football team:

Of all the things that governments do to their populations around the world, I’m surprised that the relative conservativeness of Iran’s dress laws compared to the West register even a blip on anyone’s indignation meter.

That’s not confirmation bias, it’s “giving you a headstart.”

Keep stroking that ego.

That’s because you’re a fucking idiot. Human beings have a right to feel good about their bodies. They make the women dress like that because they hate women. They hate women because of their garbage religion that hates women.

Every single day those women are reminded that their society considers them something bad and dangerous. Every single day they have to hide their beauty behind veils and under scarves is an insult to their human nature and the human condition. It is fucking shameful that we can travel in space and some people persist in pretending that parts of our bodies and parts of our population are biologically endowed with spiritual evil.

Headscarves are the hallmark of the oppresssion of women perpetrated by Islam just as the poll tax was a badge of slavery in the United States. It may not be the single most outrageous instance of conduct, but it is simply horrible given that its existence is a symptom and a reinforcer of endemic societal inequality.


It isn’t just muslims that like women to cover their heads, it used to be a thing in most societies that men and women both wore hats out of doors. Orthodox Jewish men wear skullcaps also, does that mean that the Jews hate men?

No way man, don’t do it, step away from the keyboard…



All I know is that if that mischievous Colonel Hogan had been among the prisoners, he’d have driven those Iranians completely crazy!

In this instance, it does matter what the reasons why you’re doing it.

Orthodox Jewish men do not wear skullcaps because they represent evil and sin. Which is why it is different.

I totally agree with Flowers.

It’s not a fashion accessory, it’s a symbol of submission and control. You know how I know that? Because that’s what they say when you ask them why women have to wear the scarf. That’s also why agents of the state hit women with big sticks if they go outside without it.

These aren’t just hats, asshole. Orthodox Jews also discriminate against women. The men’s hats are for a different reason, those are for magical powers and favor from an invisible man. So I guess if you want to bring them into the equation, yeah, they can go fuck themselves too. So can Jehovah’s Witnesses, but we aren’t on the subject of birthday parties or blood transfusions.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. If you think that there is some special magical or religious significance to the wearing of certain configurations of facial hair, head covering, or cloth, you are a fucking retard.

La la la! Yaweh is gonna make sure my kids don’t get cancer because I’m wearing a hat! La la la!Doodly Doo! I sure hope this beard comes in nicely, or when I die, I’ll burn in hell forever! Doodle de doo!Opie nopers! I touched the hand of a lady to whom I am not married! The Almighty is going to zap me with a lightningbolt, my name is Matisyahu!

See, there’s a difference between discriminatory superstition and mere superstition.

In any society, treating women like they have the plague or they are simply sinful crotchpots of insidiously delicious damnation and not equal members of the whole on a par with men is for the birds. Cultural practice is not a defense to the total moral bankruptcy of a society’s actions.

Here’s another handy tool for evaluating stupidity. If you are offering tradition or historical pedigree for the way things should be done today, and you aren’t talking about traffic laws or grammar, you’re wasting your time. Saying “That’s the way they did it back then,” just reminds us of one thing.

People were fuckin’ stupid back then.

I seriously hope you do not need me to elaborate on this one.

I think I can hear Mitt Romney’s holy underwear starting to bunch…


We all know this is Clinton’s fawlt.

You are kidding, right? Your making a joke directed at yourself, right?

Flowers, it’s not like we’ve really made any huge strides in women’s rights in this country. Women are still beaten, raped, and told they should be either anorexic or they’re ugly. Many men, Christian men, consider their wifes to be property. We still don’t get equal pay, and we’re definitely still discouraged to take certain career paths.

It’s easy to point at all Muslims and say they’re all evil, because most of us don’t really know all that much about Islam. It is hardly one monolithical religion of evil, and the Hijab controversy is only one small part of that.