British gameshow: 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown

So I discovered this funny british Channel 4 math+word gameshow:

I don’t know who 90% of the guests are but the banter is hilarious. Hosted by Jimmy Carr.

I enjoy 8 Out of 10 Cats, and sometimes Countdown, but I’m not very into the crossover. ( and Rachel is a super hot math nerd)

She’s delightfully cute. A mixture of Alyson Hannigan, Mira Sorvino, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Gwyneth Paltrow without the crazy vagina jade eggs.

Wait, wat?

Rachel is a local lass, Saaaaarthends finest, or as we call 'em round here a

Pity about all the anti-Semitic abuse she gets from Corbyns mob, but that’s for P&R. Got to White Knight for her for a bit on twitter though 😄

Google Nick Helm on that show, he has a few hilarious songs.

Good thing I saw this. I think I’ve been saying “i-yo-odd” instead of “I-yo-odd-eh.”

This is one of my favorites. Sean Lock is at his funniest on there…some of his “mascots” are sheer genius.

But there’s really not much point watching the whole episodes. There are so many highlight videos on Youtube, just stick to those.

Oh, Rachel

Classic Riley