British gameshow: 8 out of 10 cats does Countdown

That’s awesome. I guess their Youtube gambit paid off.

Oh Thank God a New Episode

Yay! I have only seen clips of the show up until now.

Sadly canceled after the first episode. From what I hear it was a merciful death in the way CW presented it.

They swear a lot on the UK show. Not sure how they would have gotten around that short of lots of bleeping.

This thread mentioned Taskmaster so I am slapping this here. :)

I get home yesterday and my daughter has a show on YouTube about some gameshow with British comedians. I assume it is going to be shrugworthy as I have seen American televisions attempt this numerous times with at best mixed results. 5 hours later, I had watched most of season 7.

It’s so much better than what we do over here in the gameshow space. I don’t know if British comedians are funnier or that British TV allows more leeway with what they can air or I appreciate British humor more because I don’t get as much of it…not sure. Maybe a combination. Also, Americans tend to dumb down things for the audiences because Networks seem to demand it. And as proof, I hear the one season American version of this is expectedly terrible.

Point being, it’s exciting to 1) Find something I find genuinely funny and entertaining, which is exceedingly rare as so much seems like retreads of comedy I have heard repeatedly over my 51 years and 2) That my 15 year old daughter and I find the same thing so hilarious and there is plenty for us to watch together.

The CW is where my kid found it and then found all, but one season on YouTube. We will be watching all the rest directly.

I saw an article recently that finally explained the name of this thread. Apparently there was a show named 8 out of 10 cats, and a show named Countdown, and this show is a crossover type thing, hence the name that throws my brain into error.

Dang, I missed that whole thread, sorry.