British woman marries dolphin

Apologies if this has already been posted:

At least the sex is good.

Married to a dolphin named Cindy.

Wet, anyhow.

Yes, but will the state of Alabama recognize these newlyweds?

“Do you, Sharon Tendler, take this dolphin to be your wedded partner for life?”

“I do.” (Takes more antipsychotic medication)


Don’t any of you folks remember

I like how 1300 users have collectively rated that article 1.5 stars out of five.

Why is a male dolphin named “Cindy”?

Or is Ms. Tendler simply confused about her new partner’s sex?

Yuck, morning herring breath.

I blame gay marriage for this.

We still don’t recognize YOU.

Steve Canyon? Maybe we’ve never been formaly introduced?

I’m afraid that I was forced to use my new secret superpower on him. Her. It. Whatever.

It’s obviously a homosexual relationship. They will move from London to the island of Lesbos and live happily ever after.

Well we’ve just introduced ‘civil partnerships’ for gays in the UK, I missed the part about dolphins though. Perhaps the Archbishop of Canterbury drew the line at mixed species, mixed sex marriages.

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