Britney Boobs Byebye

I came across this article on MSNBC:

Seems to be claiming that Britney is going to appear, what…topless? I’m not sure. Has anybody else heard about this?

This is a real low point for the “music” business.

(Also, does anybody have pic links?)


pics plz kthx

Low point my ass!

Hapefully this will will hold some over…

Well, it should at least answer the “did she have surgery or not?” question. Since only artists for comic books and 3D games can’t seem to tell real from enhanced.

My guess is that she’ll be nekkid, but strategically covered. Which means you won’t see more than you’ve seen before.

Saw this on one of the late night talk shows last night. Evidently, she’s topless in the way all models are topless in that FHM, GQ, etc kind of way. That is, she’s not technically wearing a top, but her arms or hands always cover herself. I was just flipping channels, so I didn’t catch a full discussion, but I think that’s the point.

I wonder what the fake detective has to say about that pic?

go here:

don’t say I never gave you anything… :twisted:

Those pics are hardly worth commenting about. I actually saw those the other day in passing and didn’t even think about them! The MSNBC article made it sound like she was close to being in Playboy.

Don’t believe the hype.

That guy is an idiot. He’s commenting on photos he hasn’t even SEEN yet.

Oh, and whatever celebrity photos you want, you can get from Robb’s Celebrity Oops! pages. Here’s one of the pages for Britney, including her Elle spread. I can’t be sure, but it looks like its shot by staff photographer Gilles Bensimon. edit: Oops, nope. They’re by Mark Abrahams.

-Roger (proud Elle subscriber since those teenagers came 'round to my house with mag subscriptions July 1998)

After much examination, I have come to the conclusion that Britney has rather average breasts, but she has a talented costume artist that uses the limits of man made technology to stuff socks in her shirt.

Wouldn’t shock me. I worked backstage at a Heart concert in 1987 and I wheeled in Nancy Wilson’s (the blonde sister) costumes. They had the same shape whether or not she was wearing them.