Britney shaved her head

This is fucking HUGE, people.

Without thread this pictures useless!

I figured everyone knew about this already and yawned it off, but this is even bigger than Anna Nicole, and way bigger than Rice going to the Middle East. Did you guys know Rice went to the Middle East?

Anne Rice went to the Middle East? Whoa!

And so the drapes now match the carpet.

but, but, but… I’m still trying to HEAL from the Anna Nicole death. How will I be able to function this week?!?

Good lord, this is funny. Look at some of the eBay Auctions.

There are tons of auctions for supposedly authentic hairs (hint: if an eBay auction description says “This is the real deal! This is not a scam!” then it is not the real deal and it is a scam), plus a copy of magazine where she’s on the cover WITH hair, original oil paintings of bald britney, and the domain name “” Hilarious.

So does this mean she’s going to drop her pants and walk backwards?

…but let’s do the time warp again!

The oil painting is a bit shady as well

Your chance to own this one of a kind original acrylic painting on stretched canvas by acclaimed professional artist Dana Ellyn. Dana was inspired by Britney’s bold move of shaving her head . She painted Britney’s eyes blue (instead of her natural brown) on purpose - Dana often gives the people in her paintings blue eye to represent their innocence. The painting was done in honor of Britney’s strength at this difficult time in her life.

Also, she paints everyone with pearls. It represents…pearls.

Not unlike that artist, when I think of the words “strong” and “innocent” I think of Britney.

Clearly this is the best thread evar.

Clearly, she’s just about to give the government torture agents the identity and location of V.

Damn, she’s self-destructive.

I may be the only one, but I think she looks better bald. I have a well documented history of digging bald chicks, though.

Yeah, me too, though only because it looks like she’s dying from cancer.

HA HA, I kid. I really don’t care if she lives or dies.

Enduro Man wins this thread. The show is over folks … move along.

Britney’s barber works too hard
Always at the pub

Britney says she ain’t going back,
Shaved her hairs to the nub.

I’m waiting for her to cut a swastika into her forehead…