Broadway: "Hamilton"

Anyone see this? The soundtrack is fantastic.

There are two “Epic Rap Battles of History”-style songs.

I saw it on Broadway a few months ago (it may have been the opening Saturday). Even from the nosebleed seats and at scalper prices it was amazing.

My family is obsessed with this. Tickets are obscenely expensive. We managed to get 2 4th row seats for August 2016 at a price I’m too embarrassed to disclose. Hopefully the original cast is still on since it’s soon after the Tony Awards in June. We’ve been in NYC twice since December and tried the lottery with no success.

And as of today (when post-Nov 2016 ticket went on sale) we have 4 tickets for Jan 2017 at a “reasonable” price, although I assume the original cast members will be gone by then.

It does seem to be an amazing musical. I’m not one for Broadway tunes, but even I’m into this. To their credit, the entire soundtrack is on YouTube with minimal ads.

I was a skeptic when my daughter came to me with this, but after I got through the 3rd song “My Shot” I was on board.

[edit] Here’s a non-musical version of Hamilton’s life from PBS’s American Experience. I think it’s very good, notwithstanding the actors interfering with the narrative. It includes video from the author of the biography that the musical was based upon, and other historians. And toward the end one sees Hamilton’s problems.

Like I said, our family has become obsessed w/ Hamilton. We’ve read the book, my wife and daughter went to NYC and visited the Grange and Hamilton’s grave at Trinity Church. I guess he was one of the forgotten founding fathers.

My daughter has tried to interest me in this but I have a real dislike for rap. She meanwhile is hooked on it and has watched the youtube material many times.

Question…DTG…did you pay more than $150 a seat? I think that is what Wicked cost me in 2008. Or was it $200? I think I paid $150 to see it again in SF.

$300 for the Jan 2017 show was the cheapest my wife could get, only 20 minutes after they went on sale yesterday. And that’s for a weekday matinee. Puny mortals aren’t able to get tickets for any show up through November for less than $500 now, if they can get them at all.

Wow, Broadway has gotten even more expensive then. If you have the money and see it as a one time thing then it is probably worth it. I will wait for a couple years and see the touring show, like we have done with Avenue Q and Book of Mormon.

Naw, not Broadway. Just Hamilton. I’ve gotten tickets for other shows in the last year for $150.

I mentioned this to my daughter and she said they have announced there would be a touring show in the summer of 2017.

The closest anyone will get to a performance of this without $150-1500 (scalper prices) and airfare + accomodations in NYC:

I just got home and didn’t/don’t watch the Grammy awards. I guess it won?

It won and Lin-Manuel Miranda rapped the acceptance speech.

I am a bit obsessed with the cast recording for this. I may need help.

I wish they would do a filmed recording of the play with the original cast before they all move on. There’s no way I’m getting to New York to see it, and certainly not at the current scalper prices.

Is the plot of this musical a biography? Or does it deal with a particular section of Hamilton’s life?

He was quite the interesting individual indeed.

Yeah, the first song summarizes his childhood and arrival in America, and then the rest basically hits most of the major milestones up to his death. Aaron Burr actually gets a fair bit of focus, as they are depicted as friends/rivals on a similar path. There’s some tweaks to the actual history, as you might expect.

It’s so, so good. I’m with you, BiggerBoat. Obsessed. To the point where I’m also getting obsessed with Lin-Manuel Miranda himself. Seems like such a cool dude.

The rest of y’all: Have you given it a shot? Don’t throw away your shot!

I’m seeing it this Tuesday. We planned a trip to NYC this year specifically to see it.

My whole family is completely obsessed.

Note to self: I have one week to perfect my mind transference device.

Don’t you dare!


It’s really funny that this thread got bumped the same day that I finally got around to listening to the soundtrack and became completely obsessed myself!

kwhit, I am very jealous.