Broadway: "Hamilton"


Hoping we’re able to get tickets to the LA show when they’re available but I bet it’ll be tough.


friend bought the whole season for LA to get ham tix


Chicago zoo names baby camel ‘Alexander Camelton’


Oh man, that’s simply adorable.


There’s a new-ish podcast about Hamilton, The Room Where It’s Happening, hosted by Travon Free (writer for the Daily Show). They bring in a guest each week–they’ve had Adam Savage, Ron Chernow, John Hodgman, and Jasmine Cephas Jones (Peggy!)–and talk about their favorite song. Very enjoyable.


Currently my wife and I are both totally failing to master Ticketmaster for the new 6-month block of Chicago performances.

Edit: nevermind - 43 minutes of watching “Searching, please wait” actually paid off. Hooray for us!


Yeah, it was a fucking nightmare to get tickets for the first block in Chicago.

But, persistance paid off here too. though, I got partially obstructed viewing seats. We will have to deal with that.


the PBS documentary came out a day or two ago and is free to stream from their website (for Americans) so I’m still figuring out how I can watch it as a canuck.


It’s well worth watching, so keep trying!


I watched it (in the UK) using Tunnelbear - the whole documentary uses 496MB, out of the 500MB/month they give you for free.


I finally saw it this week in NYC, with tickets we bought 9 months ago.

So the original cast is long gone. If you’ve listened to the soundtrack a lot then it will feel a bit off, but I was still amazed.

We got the understudy for Burr during our performance and frankly I didn’t think much of how he did, which is a problem given that he is essentially the main character. But the rest of the current cast was fantastic.


This is always done, but whether or not it is released is a whole 'nother matter. Not necessarily done with production in mind.


There were some substantial excerpts in the PBS “Hamilton’s America” show. I’d bet a beer that the video gets released at some point - there is just way too much money to be made. I would’nt expect it until the touring production winds down, though.


They have a professionally produced film of the original cast production, but haven’t announced how or when they’ll be releasing it.


Yeah, it will come out. Show is too big to not come out on DVD/Blu Ray


I was thinking the same thing, but when I saw it this week I was proven wrong. Seth Stewart nailed it. If he had been in the original cast then we would be saying how he was irreplaceable. He was my favorite character in the show, more so than Munoz as Hamilton.


Get it while it’s still up…first full half w/ the original cast, and not bad quality for what it is.


I watched one of these a month ago and got through the first act. I half hated myself for it, but I couldn’t help it. It was also pretty well shot all things considered. It was late, so I decided to watch the second act the next day and by that time it was gone.

#79 is Act 2


The theatre person inside me is appalled by this. But, also, it is basically impossible for anyone not rich to see the show (if you didn’t wait in line when tickets first were sold) So… hmm.

They really need to put out that version they taped with the original cast, on dvd and blu ray.