Broadway: "Hamilton"


After months of waiting, finally seeing the show tomorrow. Can’t wait!


Congratulations. The show is just awesome.


Cool. We saw it in Chicago a couple of months ago (bought tickets last September the day they went on sale). It was a really excellent experience. I have a couple of opinions on the Chicago cast vs the original (based on listening to the original cast recording), but nothing major (and not generally negative).

I assume the home video version won’t come out until the touring company has largely run its course. The bits scattered through the Hamilton’s America PBS show are excellent.


So ticket prices for Seattle start at $700 for the very back of the mezzanine. Main floor? Those start at $1,100.

Maybe I should just fly across the country, stay a weekend in a hotel, see Hamilton for around $300 bucks, and still save some money.


We’ve heard the soundtrack so many times that I hope it doesn’t detract from the experience at all.

You might be able to get cheaper tickets closer to a specific show date if you’re flexible.


Yikes. Is that face value, or are there only resale tickets anymore?


I didn’t think so, at all. I won’t say any more until after tomorrow night (and maybe never, because I have no discernible ability to be a musical theater critic).


I guess it’s resale. It confused me, but I guess they haven’t put up single tickets for sale at all yet (show opens in Feb). So the tickets that are for sale are from subscribers (who got an early shot at tickets)??

Still, the resale compared to LA or a couple of other cities I looked at seems cray-cray.

I don’t hold out much hope of getting tickets when they do go on sale. We’ll see! It’ll be touring for a while so hopefully I’ll see some version of it. In the meanwhile there’s that super high quality bootleg youtube ;)


There’s always the fly to Chicago option - with pizza as added benefit - and the rotating stage (not part of the touring show, as far as I know).


Nay, the stage does rotate! I saw an article about it for the Pantages here in LA.


Cool! They do some really nice staging with that.


Curious what your thoughts are, even though it’s a completely different cast than the one here in LA. Show was awesome and now I’m bummed that the wait is over but that can’t be helped. My only nitpick was that Washington seemed to be a bit less of a presence than I would have liked. Lafayette/Jefferson was amazing though and Hamilton & Burr were both extremely good. Can’t wait until we can see it again, whenever that may be. My wife gets to take her mom in November so I’m an official standby in case one of them can’t make it!


I actually had pretty similar thoughts about the Chicago production. I don’t think it is a knock on either other Washington, but rather it is just amazing how much of an air of authority Christopher Jackson brought to the role.


Chris Jackson is so amazing.

The Jefferson / Lafayette in Chicago was awesome. If you can’t get Daveed Diggs, he is the next best thing. Apparently right out of college too.

I thought the Chicago cast was great. I also think it is hard to follow Chris Jackson, so a disappointing Washington is more about him not being Chris Jackson than him doing a bad job.


Anyone see the Seattle show yet?

I managed to get tickets (5th row!) through a season pass holder for $150 each. Seeing it tomorrow night. Super excited.


My cousin and her husband are going this weekend, I think. They have somehow resisted temptation and not listened to it at all, so their first taste will be the live show. I’m jealous of them for that.


I saw the London production a few weeks ago, it was just amazing. Mostly main cast, I think only Laurens/Philip was an alternate. I know the songs inside out, but experiencing them live, with the staging and dancing, it was all a little overwhelming (in a good way).

I know most people on here aren’t exactly local to London, but if anyone’s on a trip over here, especially later in the year, ticket availability is pretty good at the moment, from about £40 upwards.


I got totally shut out trying to get tickets for the Denver engagement. I don’t know if this is how all of them work, but they put everyone into a queue at a random place and then everyone in line could buy no more than 4 tickets. I was number sixteen-thousand-something. They sold out after 8,000-some parties made their purchases.

The Denver show is only about a month long. They’ll be doing a lottery, but I’ve got four kids who would all be heartbroken to be left out, so I guess I’ll be seeing it in the revival ten years from now…


Seattle show was amazing. Nik Walker as Burr was soooo good. When you see it live you realize how important and omni-present that character is, and he really carried the show.

Really didn’t feel like a touring company at all. I wish I could see it again. There’s too much to take in.


Man, we’re planning on going to London in August… I hadn’t thought about this for one second but you give me a great idea: maybe I should get some tickets for that now. It might be the cheapest way to see it!