Broadway: "Hamilton"


Go for it, I guarantee you won’t regret it! (In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a review from the NY Times that compares it favourably to the Broadway production.)

One minor thing to bear in mind is that you don’t get any physical tickets, but you do need to take the exact credit card you use to book them to the theatre on the night plus some ID - the idea is to stop the secondary market and the crazy prices you see elsewhere. So if possible, don’t use a card that will expire before the show date to minimise hassle.


Yeah, I think that the importance of that role isn’t usually appreciated, at least ahead of time. I think that he’s more of the main character than Hamilton.

As I noted a year ago, we spent an unforgivable amount of money to see the play in Manhattan, and we got a Burr understudy who just…sucked. I was trying to be gracious back then about how I “didn’t think much of him”, but no…he was bad. I still don’t get how the producers let this level of bad pollute the most popular Broadway play in decades, even if it was a mid-week show. It’s still all my wife and I discuss when we talk about the play.

My takeaway was to never fall for the hype and never spend more than a reasonable discount ticket price for the theater, because there are no guarantees that a) the leads that you expect will perform, and b) that their replacements, if needed, will be any good. I was aware of a), but naively thought that a production of this caliber would take care of b).


I got tickets for the Salt Lake City show at the end of April. My daughter is obsessed with it, and her excitement has got me pumped up to see it. I liked the system to get tickets, but I’m one of the lucky ones that got some. Basically everyone who logged into a lobby between 9-10 am was then put into random order at 10am. About 45 minutes later my number was up and there were still enough tickets left that I could find three together.


I first heard about Hamilton through my friends. I listened to the song on Youtube and I really like it! However, tickets are so hard to find!! Prices are so high and even then it’s always full booked and tickets go by so fast!


Where are you trying to see it? They have a Hamilton lottery in some places, though it’s obviously going to be tough to win.


I guess it was inevitable, but I thought it was a joke when I saw the graphic.


Not his best effort, by any stretch. Just lyrics plucked out of songs from the show and sung as a polka.


I think that’s all it’s trying to be. And it’s not without precedent, he usually does one of these on each album.


Yeah, it’s his usual 2/4 step formula.


I love his polka songs so much.


Totally not a surprise, given the high-quality footage used in the PBS ‘making of’ show:

(apologies for not linking WSJ directly, but it is paywalled)


Wasn’t there supposed to be a DVD with a performance by the original cast? I wish that would come out!


They shot performances in HD, did a lot of work with that. The PBS “Great Performances” special has snippets of that footage.

I figured they would release the footage eventually, but I think they are going to do theatrical first, and then it can come out on DVD.


Why don’t more Broadway plays film their productions? I realize it would require changes in the seating probably and probably the filming of several shows but at the same time could increase the popularity of the production and maybe sell more tickets in the long run.


They don’t want to cannibalize any ticket sales. It’s several hundred dollars for a ticket.


No doubt. I have seen a play on Broadway. But if you just gave up say 20-30 seats for 2-3 shows you would easily make that money back thru DVD sales, or even in movie theaters.


How many people would skip the show because the DVD was “good enough”?

Also, scarcity of people getting to experience Hamilton further drives up it’s value, further driving up the price. When only a select few can say they saw it, they are willing to pay more.
Just like country clubs and high end custom cars.


How many people would pay $35 for a DVD to a show that they literally have possibility of ever actually seeing? Sure, you might see a community theater in your area do it in 15 years but do most people have the thousands needed to travel to NYC and pay for tickets.


I’m sure one of the main reasons they’re doing it for Hamilton is the heavy demand to see the original cast in their roles. Many people (including me!) never had the chance and buying a home version of it isn’t going to reduce demand to see the current show.


Yeah, I am pretty sure people who aren’t willing to go out to see it live aren’t a lost sale when the purchase a DVD.

Part of the excitement is seeing the show live, and a DVD might be nice, but it isn’t the same as being in the same room as the singers/dancers.