Broforce - Do You Even Massacre Countless Enemies, Bro?

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that there isn’t a thread covering this game (unless Google is lying to me, because I did look). Broforce is a mix of movie action heroes (i.e Bronan the Barbarian, Brobocop, newly-added Ellen Ripbro, etc), Metal Slug style slaughter, destructable environments and blood…so much blood. It’s an amazing little game that is so much silly fun it’s ridiculous. It just came on Steam early access, too, and it’s come a long way since I began playing the beta ages ago. It’s got a level editor, local and online multiplayer and is being constantly updated.

You can try and early version of the “brototype” here, and you can see new and amazing trailer for it here.

It’s truly glorious in its mayhem. Go play it. Seriously.

Heh. Brototype.

I’ve been refusing to play this game because it has a stupid name.

(For me that’s a valid reason not to play a game. )

What? That’s ridic, this game is so much fun.

Have you see the names we use on the open source world? bzFlag, Freeciv, OpenArena, OpenTTD or Nethack. And I imagine the Colonization version of Freeciv is probably called Freecol.

Yeah what’s his broblem?

“Shoddy third world construction is our ally!” is a statement that speaks straight to my gaming heart. Will until it’s finished, though.

One of my favorite gaming moments ever just happened. I was Macbrover when he opened up a wooden door and handed a bad guy a stick of dynamite then closed it back again. Looking at his hands, the baddie got out a Scoopy Doo “ruh?” before he blew himself and a couple of his buddies to smithereens.

Hahahahahahaha, awesome.

Now that’s how you go all in on a theme. Brotastic!

Freecol exits and isn’t half bad!

Broforce doesn’t have the worst name ever. I’ve seen worse. Things like “Pixels will bleed” or something.

On the upside, it made for a hilarious thread title! :)

I just learned today that ROBOPOCALYPSE is not a episode of Bo Bo Boo, but a novel.


Broforce is awesome! Some of the bosses are brutal. Any tips for beating the cyber guy who respawns over and over again? He has heat-seeking missiles, a ground stomp and loads of health. I feel like I was kinda close last time but he used a massive area of effect attack just after I started to unload the chaingun with my Terminator-bro.

Devolver Digital have never let me down. They’re far and away my favorite publisher.

Reminds me of Cortex Command but blockier.

It also looks like it’s substantially easier to control than Cortex Command as it just has a little sprite moving, than some weird procedurally generated leg movement stuff.

One of those games I’m too old to play, and will enjoy the trailer more than the game!

Yeah. But crab bombs.

Never played Cortex Command, but this game is tiiiiiiiiight.

Really? Maybe it’s because I come from just playing Mercenary Kings (which I’m really enjoying) but this game seems looser in many ways. I like the mechanics, but they are too few and gives you too little control on them for my taste. Not enough dynamics coming form the simple approach they took.

don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but I definitely think it’s overpriced in it’s current state.

But it’s early access, and my opinion might change a lot if they introduce some meaningful metagame/progression system. Playing the normal game, I have no feedback on what I’m doing or what I am doing it for (other than keep playing, I guess). Right now even the life system seems weird (you can just restart, so it would make sense to have a set amount of lives per level, but they do carry through, making the pace weird).