Brogue Challenge: Don't Tase Me, Brogue!

This week’s seed is #13027311.

Photobucket is acting up at the moment, so I can’t upload the starting location, but there should be a scroll entitled “glorpgreepherba” two spaces NW of the start location.

This seed was the second one that I ascended. I’ll try and post some comments on it when I have a chance at some point.

Let’s set the end date at Monday, 6/10 at quarter to three in the morning PST. I’m going to be traveling intermittently and won’t necessarily be around to monitor things or set up a score list, but have at it!

Sweet, I’ll update with scores if it’s all good :)

308 Died from poison on level 5. I got my self into a bad way with a blue bloat.

So, what’s everyone playing instead of Brogue, these days?

Yes there’s a sad lack of amusing brogue deaths to read about. Although I am clearly part of the problem! I blame the lack of screen grab, because seeing that makes me think “right, I shall conquer that!” I’ve been playing Drakensang, but I will get my brogue run in before the deadline.

I should be able to get this in, especially since I have been dying way too fast lately.

I did the last one, but my death was so quick I think I neglected to post about it :).

420 - killed by a goblin on level 4.

Ugh, another quick death this week although I feel better about how I handled it this time. Details:

my end

[spoiler]I ran into a large train of goblins including 2 goblin mystics and a jackal wandering by on the other side of a door (I had telepathy still active). I decided to jump through and try to pick off a few. However, I agroed them all and the mystics were casting protection faster than I could break through it. I had all potions and scrolls tested so far and did not have a detect magic yet. I had 2 maces and didn’t want to use one until I knew if they were cursed, but after retreating myself into a corner, I equipped one just to try to break through the shields and get out of this mess. I also burned 2 of my enchant scrolls on the mace to get it to a Str 14 requirement so that I could use it without penalty. I also burned up my last recharge scroll to use my health charm again after it was enchanted once earlier. Still, I was able to kill one goblin, but a jackal still cornered me and a goblin helped kill me before I could wear them out. With the mace I was at least getting close to surviving, but I was pretty low on health already so it wasn’t enough. I also threw on my other set of armor just to help a bit even though it was too high a Str req. I believe it helped me live a bit longer, but it was not enough.

About the only other thing I believe I could have done was to equip the mace earlier and utilize the environment a bit better. There were no narrow corridors where I was, though, and the rest of the place was surrounded by lava and water so I was sorta trapped.

Blah. Died on lvl 3 to a spectral blade one step from healing. I don’t wanna talk about it.

10697 - Killed by an ogre on level 18. My best yet, but so frustrating…

Arrrgh! Not again!

[spoiler]I started pretty well, ending up within a few levels with a mace and banded mail. I never really found anything better than this, mostly because I left the war hammer and war axe on the ground due to my pockets bulging with useful potions and scrolls. My favourite trick to getting out of a scrape is to throw some nasty potion into a room full of critters, close the door and cackle malevolently while I listen to the music of them dying painfully. Neither the war hammer nor the axe were rating better than my, by then, +4 mace of smacking crap on the head. I also had a +2 ring of stealth, which I really should have enchanted further because it was responsible for me getting so far - sneaking up on things way more powerful than little old me, and dispatching them silently as they dreamed of feasting on my bones. Keep off my dream bones. I found a few potential allies, and each one of them met an untimely end within a few moves of rescuing them. Very annoying. An ogre ally! No wait, don’t dash off with 5% health after that arrow turr… oh you idiot. A salamander ally! No, stop setting fire to shit! Go away! Fuck off! Antimagic scroll, haha! Oh dear, killed by a pack of… somethings while wandering off. Finally I found a centaur ally. Oh boy, this is going to be good. Two moves after I rescued it… TWO MOVES… it was killed by something invisible that had been following me. My other favourite item were two wands of teleportation. At least, I assumed they were, I never identified them, but they made creatures disappear in a blink until they surprised me a bit later. Enough to give me chance to recover at least. By level 17 things were starting to look grim, I was using up all my potions, I had no allies, my recharge scrolls for my health and protection amulets were gone. A feeling starts to form at this point, where you know that this level is likely to be your last. Well, I made it to the next one, found a zombie juggernaut (what the hell?!), ran away and was cornered by 4 ogres including a shamen, and a room with a steam vent which something kept triggering. I couldn’t flee for the stairs (much good that would have done anyway, but hey - level 19 would have been a first!) and I was fast running out of teleport charges. I got rid of them, hit z to rest, and was killed by something invisible. How ignominious.

Ha, I’m an idiot. I just realised, as if it isn’t now bleedingly obvious, that one of my wands of teleport was actually a wand of invisibility. That’s why I was killed by an invisible ogre. I know some people don’t like this meme anymore, but facepalm.[/spoiler]

4646 - Killed by an ogre on level 10

But really

It was the damn shaman that caused it, teleporting in reinforcements.

1090 - Killed by a goblin on level 6

Read a scroll of summon monster and like got surrounded by 12+ monsters… good night :(

The Brogue challenge has ground to a grinding halt! Please don’t tell me I got the highest score here, that would be embarrassing. It also means I can’t declare the winner, because that would look bad. I can’t even spell the guy’s name correctly, what’s up with that? Anyway, Boojum save us! Declare yourself the winner with your epic ascension story.