Brogue Challenge: Should have been an Ascension

Here’s this week’s Brogue challenge thread!

This is my best run that I’ve had with a random number. I believe it could have easily been an ascension - perhaps I should have gone to bed and finished it the next morning instead of playing until past 3 am.

The standard Brogue challenge rules apply… post your score, how you died, the level, etc… just make sure to use spoiler tags for anything that might ruin somebody else’s run.

Lets run this for 10 days it ends: Friday 5/24 midnight EDT

The seed is: 14813015

The opening floor:

Good Luck

- Leader Board -
Boojum - 21168 - Killed by a Tentacle Horror on level 23
ducker - 14617 - Died from poison on level 24
pyrhic - 9170 - burned to death on level 16
ddtibbs - 8110 Slapped by the Kraken on 15
krayzkrok - 3625 killed by a will-o-the-wisp on level 10
Richard Holt - 784 - Killed by a fall on level 6
pyrhic - 723 goblin totem on level 5
mrcjhicks - 242 - Killed by a goblin conjurer on level 3

14617 - Died from poison on level 24

My run

So this was very much a melee heavy run for me. And rather light of the staves - despite this, there were some quite strong item combinations.

I didn’t have much luck at all keeping any allies alive. As a result I figured this would have been a short run. But I was able to level up the mace of force, a ring of regen, and chain mail of absorption, making me rather difficult to kill. This was the first time I faced Reverent’s, and that mace of force was a wonderful thing. I could just slam them away, and pretty much ignore them. I would wager they are quite annoying otherwise.

What did me in here - was my haste in wanting to free that priestess - thinking if I had her I would be pretty much unstoppable. I drank a potion of levitation to head directly over to free her. I noticed that there were some furies protecting her - I can defeat them easily I thought to myself. Problem was, I didn’t notice that one of the furies protecting her had a poison effect (can’t be seen on the screenshot.) Before I knew what happened I started back pedaling and then got a fatal number of stacks on me. My next thought was - if I could just get to the priestest perhaps she can heal / cure me? But alas, in my weakened strength state from the previous floor I was doomed.

I hope you all had fun on the run - and I hope some of you make it further than I did!

242 - Killed by a goblin conjurer on level 3.

I ran up the stairs form level 4, but running away was not the winning strategy I had hoped!

Oh well. I seem to be getting worse at this game.

784 - Killed by a fall on level 6.

723 goblin totem on level 5

Darn, 3625 killed by a will-o-the-wisp on level 10

complacency strikes again

i had plenty of food, chain mail of absorption, and decided to enchant the hell out of an early war hammer. My +5 war hammer and I made a lovely team, smashing heads like eggs. I was one-shotting pretty much everything I came up against, but wasn’t happy with my meager defense. No allies, no magic, only an amulet of health for emergencies. On level 10 the game decided it had had quite enough of my war hammer and I nearly died to a pink jelly. Instead of waiting to heal I strode through a door right into a wisp, which my war hammer seemed to have no effect against. Bang… 10% health. Bang… dead. Sigh.

8110 Slapped by the Kraken on 15


Not a good idea to keep a Salamander as an ally if you aren’t fireproof

21168 - Killed by a Tentacle Horror on level 23.


Should have been an ascension indeed. I had everything I needed to win, and this was entirely my fault. I had just rescued two captive dragons on 23, which should have been enough of an edge to carry me through to the end. We encountered a tentacle horror in a narrow hallway. I let one of the dragons fight it, until they were both on the brink of death. I swapped positions with the dragon to try and keep it alive. I had an 83% chance to hit the tentacle horror for 300% of its remaining health. It had a 45% chance to hit me for 43% of my health (I was at full). Naturally, I missed, and it hit twice (since I was using a warhammer) for above average damage.

9170 - burned to death on level 16.

And i will never keep a salamander as a pet.

Also, fire bad.

FYI, an updated iPad version of Brogue hit the App Store yesterday. It allows sharing and reviewing of replays from desktop versions.

Boojum - again in the lead!

and a big GRATZ to Boojum - I tried many times to replay this seed and my success was even worse then my initial attempt… This game is tricky for sure.

Boojum want to pick a new seed and start a new thread? I know I still really enjoy these group see challenges.

I’m terrible at this game, but I’ve been practicing! Are we going to get another challenge round? (Or did I miss it?)

Sorry, didn’t notice the last post that you were waiting on me for another seed. Just put up a new thread here.