Brogue: it's all over but the crying

When Tony Carnevale and Brian Haskell tried their respective hands at the same Brogue dungeon, they each met disastrous fates. What happened?

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You are, in fact, totally wrong. If you find enchanted versions of weapons and armor, they come with the exact same strength requirement as mundane versions. Only Enchantment Scrolls reduce strength requirements.

That correction out of the way, this was a great series, and I’m always glad to see more people playing great roguelikes. Thanks for writing it!

Thanks for writing this series! I definitely will be giving Brogue a look because of it.

“like a [sic] rings of stealth and clairvoyance”
“since you won’t be looking at your gold total. [line break needed] And there you have it.”

This freaking game is so amazing.

Here is something that just happened to me.

What happened started off shitty and got worse. On depth 11, an Ogre accidentally stepped on a trap that opened the floor up in the room and all of us fell in. Not its fault, I didn’t spot the trap and allies can only avoid traps you know about. So well all fell. We landed on the precipice of another chasm. Well, three of us did. The Goblin Mystic didn’t fall in, nor did he decide to jump down after us. Presumably I could have found the stairs up and recovered him? Maybe he was just hanging out near the pit trap waiting for me. It would have maybe turned out differently if he’d fallen in with us…

Anyway, the Ogres and I proceeded cautiously, aware as I was that I’d never been anywhere near this far down and had no idea what awaited. We fought new stuff that seemed hard but fair for my equipment and my allies, even sans Mystic. Unfortunately one enemy was a massive spider that entrapped us in webs and devoured one Ogre while we were all honestly helpless to get to his aid.

Then a Pixie appeared! I summoned a guardian spirit that reflected her shock spell back at her! Ha! Suck it, Pixie! Unfortunately, the second spell didn’t hit her when it reflected…

Whether from the sound of the exploding wall, or the exposed wall itself, three Underworms appeared and… well…