Brogue seed challenge! Go!

Use this seed to start your game:

To start with a seed, hold down Control and click New Game. On the iPad, tap the seed icon next to New Game.

You have a single run!

Only post screenshots in spoiler tags until everybody has completed the challenge!

Post your score and death description and I’ll collect them in this post.

Contest ends on Friday at midnight EDT.


lesslucid      15462   Killed by a fury              level 21
Boojum         10085   Killed by a Centaur           level 22
Dave Perkins   9741    Killed by a zombie            level 18
Richard Holt   8742    Killed by a kraken            level 16
Kelan          8229    Killed by an ogre             level 14
porousnapkin   8211    Killed by a dar blademaster   level 16 
benloran       7074    Killed by a dar blademaster   level 13
Jape           6953    Killed by a dar priestess     level 14
Pastose        6335    Killed by a wraith            level 12
Gendal         6222    Killed by steam               level 12
Clay           5266    Killed by a fall              level 15
sharaleo       5089    Killed by an underworm        level 12
Delirium       5079    Killed by a spider            level 11
Angrycoder     3698    Starved to death              level 12
Lantz          3318    Killed by a spider            level 10
krayzkrok      1944    Killed by lava                level 6
Ducker         1136    Killed by poisonous gas       level 6
RainRaven      495     Killed by a fall              level 6

Thank you everybody for participating! Here’s an alternate view of the scores:

Damn you, I was just about to post! Had a really nice seed, I guess it will have to wait. :P

:) This seed definitely has an interesting first level. Hah.

Man, I take it all back, what a seed!

Seriously! This is one of the more interesting games of Brogue that I’ve played.

For the sake of Dave Perkins’s poop perhaps we coud relax the rules to allow commentary/screenshots of ongoing games to make this a bit more fun. I know that makes things less hardcore, but maybe it could make this feel like a co-op run rather than a strict contest.

Sounds ok, just pop it all in a spoiler tag.

Agreed. I just didn’t want to spoil level maps with screenshots. But co-op is good, too.

That would be another fun seed game - we all work together to try to help somebody win.

so far I’m on level 8 with 2092 gold. This is a great seed.

I’m on level 8, too, but with less gold. shakes angry fist

Bugger, bugger bugger!

5089 - Killed by an underworm on level 12. 5089 Gold

Man, what a ride!

Starved to death on level 12, 3698 gold.

Mannnnnn my computer just crashed at level 6. I assume this DQ’s me from the challenge. Everything was going swell, too. I had just met a new friend. I may start over anyway just to see how it turns out. Definitely was a fun seed.

So… how do I open a seed game?

Yeah, just start again.

On the iPad, there’s a little seed icon next to New Game. Otherwise, I think you hold control and click New Game.

For those still among the living, where are you at? I’m on 11 with 5246 gold. I’m doing okay but my build has some big holes that are scaring me. I’m afraid I’ll die once I start seeing trolls.

I’m on level 14 with 5266 gold, being chased by a will-o-wisp. Might plunge down if I can get away.

I’m currently at floor 10. Can’t recall how much gold I have but extremely pleased with the items on this run. I’m sure I’ll get to my death during tomorrows lunch break.

In game details from the first 10 floors

I have 3 Staffs of Lightning! Bonkers! And a ring of wisdom +3! I am the wizard king!

Sadly, this staff I’ve never used before doesn’t seem nearly as powerful as I had originally hoped. It does help kill acid mounds before they get close, and weaken spiders and centipedes down to 1 hit to kill states, but otherwise not so great. Did anyone use that Rapier of Plenty? That thing is the WORST! Nearly got me killed 3 times before I realized what was happening.[/spoiler]

Ok, I bit it. Killed by a fall on level 15. 5266 gold. I was trying to escape an Acidic Jelly; I would have survived the fall had I taken it earlier, dammit. That was, by far, the best I ever have done in the game.