Brogue seed challenge! Go!


Seed: 11252016. This was a fun run.

[spoiler]I started by selecting the ring of Transference to heal on floor 1. Grabbed Banded +3 on Floor 2. Preplanning a tank build. Had enough ranged and support with the Poison and Entrance staves. Then a Ring of Reaping to support them. Eventually the Whip of Para was found, but it was only +1. Such a weak weapon I waited to enchant anything better. Sure it can Paralyse, but in later floors more of the mobs you meet are spawn in from taking too long. Then was a Charm of Negation and Charm of Recharging. Then found Staff of Lightning 3. Raised it up to 8 and went to work blasting. Then came the Broadsword +3. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Took a break yesterday around floor 17 then finished it today. A few more rooms and a Transfer Enchant room. Hrmm, debated it for awhile but decided to switch away from caster. Moved the Lightning 8 to Transference. Which broke the staff. Steadily pushed thru and got to a Dar Priestess. Her healing and hasting me, with draining life off my hits with Excalibur it was easy sailing. Found a 2nd room to transfer enchants and plate on the ground. Moved the Banded +3 over to Plate +3 then added a few last enchants to finish up. It was a very pleasant run.[/spoiler]

There were some interesting tricks I used to get thru. This would be a good run to show. To find a place to host the broguerec file or I suppose I could make use of my YouTube account? I don’t know.

PS: There was only 1 Dragon! It was sleeping. Drank a Fire Immunity and hacked him up. :)


That reminds me, since last week’s run is over do we get a new seed now? Who generates that seed, the “winner”? That looks like @Maxamune to me!

I did record my run, which I’ll post now since I think it’s safe to do so, but if not I can remove it.


I completely forgotten about this until I just woke up from a nap and my subconscious was screaming at me - but please yes! I would love to see this. Preferably I’d like you after-action commentate with pausing and narration of a video of the game recording being shown, but even at a minimum I’d love that file so I can watch and review it myself. I think I speak for all of the amateur brougers here.


@Scott_Lufkin, that’s really cool that you were able to narrate your recording! How’d you do it?


I’m still chipping away at the current seed, thanks to an insane week at work, but go ahead with the next one if everybody else is ready.


I used Camtasia to record a specific section of my screen and size it to record just the section of screen Brogue takes up in a Window. Camtasia is software I have for work, but I believe there are several free desktop recording software out there, plus something like FRAPS or OBS (open broadcast system) can probably do it as well for free.

Anyway, I just have a mic recording my voice and the rest is history. I’m glad you enjoyed it - I’m planning on recording all my weekly runs and posting them when the new weekly run starts! Unless they are particularly short or boring, I suppose. I do have many of those games still. I can usually at least get to depth 4 or 5 now though!


Thanks Scott!


Killed by a centaur on depth 18 with 11100 gold.

I had a really solid wizard build going, after taking the staff of blinking on level 1, and finding staves of entrancement, lightning, and poison (which I enchanted up to +8 as my primary offense), and +3 rings of wisdom and reaping to keep them all charged. I think I could have won with this character if not for some particularly bad luck with pit traps. While kiting a poisoned monster, I fell down a pit and landed next a lich, and while I was fighting it some dar came from the other direction. I managed to blink free, but wound up falling down another pit while trying to get back to the stairs, and then another while trying to get back from that one, and just never quite managed to stabilize. Poison is very powerful, but it kind of requires the ability to retreat to safety while things die, and being but off from all escape routes eventually wore me down. The third pit landed me at 1/3 health near two centaurs, with nowhere to blink to. As a last-ditch effort I threw an unidentified potion that had a 60% chance of being paralysis at them, but it turned out to be the 40% caustic gas.


I will open OBS sometime soon and try to use my cheap desktop mic to record an overview of my thoughts and moves at different points in the last completion.

New Seed: 5172874495

It’s and old phone number. Let’s see what it brings. :)


Sounds good, thanks!

Here is a picture of that start.


Ack. I died stupid trying get back up to level 6 and open a vault key. I got over confident with my +5 Plate Armor. :(


Taking a break for the night on level 16. Is anyone else playing this week?


I am. I think I am on level 8 or 9!


This week? I play this several times a day!


I normally do but this week been so busy and when I get home I just been passing out after dinner.



Yep, still a total badass.


So, is everyone still playing? Did things die out while I been busy for weeks over the holidays or is there a new thread I missed?

What is everyone up to. Also, Nice completion there Threag!


I played several runs while I was offline, nothing of note. Will always take part in a seed challenge when I’m around (which I should be now for the next month).


I suppose I’ll go start a new thread. Hope everyone shows up for some fun. I’d hate if this died off or people secretly went off and left me out. :( Heh. :)

New Thread for New Year