Brogue Weekly Challenge (Fri to Thurs)

BRogue is a free game based on old Rogue from back in my DOS days.
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I’d like to continue the tradition I joined in another thread. Brogue seed challenge! Go!

Seems to have been a hiatus for a month from everyone. Probably the busy holidays. So, with a couple weeks into the new year. Kicking off a new thread to continue the fun. Hopefully everyone is rested up and ready to delve back into the dungeons!

Winner of the prior week may pick the new seed.
If none is picked by Friday 6pm, one will be selected at random to keep game flowing.
Please include a screenshot of the starting entrance. If none is given, I’ll post one when able.
To pick a seed in BRogue: Hold Ctrl + Click New Game.
Please post your first run results. You may do more, but only the first counts.
Try to be honest and not cheat. The fun is how far you can get on your wits.
Post your score and death description. Screenshots welcome.
Put screenshots in spoiler tags until everybody has completed the challenge.
Contests will run from Friday to Thursday at midnight EDT.
Usually people put info about their run in spoilers. Try not to read spoil before your run.

May the spirits guide you on your quest!

Now to kick things off with seed 6501529.

Hi im new died early on desperately trying to free the mystic whilst being chased by an ogre. Should have killed him with my staff of firebolt, but I hadn’t played in a while and forgot it just lights everything on fire in a line to it’s target. Mistakes were made.

Also I wouldn’t mind a link to that sexy tile-set you’re using if possible

I’m glad to see this renewed - I never stopped playing; rather weekly seeds stopped being posted and I was in no position to presume I could post a seed as I rarely get to level 7 or 8 and some of you guys were beating the damned game on a seed challenge!

One question, what is “Broeu”? I almost didn’t realize what this thread was?

Opps, my mistake. Fixed! Thanks for noticing.

Forgot to mention that I finished up my run two days ago. Been lazy to post. I died the first time around floor 16 with ? Gold. No screenshot and no recording to go back and look now. I continued to play onward and took and overall look of the floors and equipment afterwards.

[spoiler]The dungeon is generous early on for Melee + Utility. You can grab a Flail +2 by 7, Splint +2 soon after. Then begin enchants, or wait till 19th for Banded +4 (which is 0.5 armor better) The Fire Staff and Regeration +1 Ring will go handy, Much later a Reaping Ring will be had. However, due to NO RUNICS in this run and some the special mobs like Agile Tenticle Horror and badly placed Dragons can make it pretty lethal.

Something to remember for less experienced, is anything with a ranged attack is not wise to throw confusion at (a la Dragon or Lich). That is because Player or AI can use any non-movement based actions. So a dragon will spam breath at you. But if you follow it up 2 turns latter with Caustic Gas, it’s a lethal combo of them wanding till they melt.

If you get a few bad RNG rolls in melee later on the dungeon will end quite abruptly. There’s no real bad booby traps to die of in this one. Just hold on tight for no nonsense mobs. There’s no Broadsword to be had to make up for Flail’s half damage. Flail will go great early on, but when you need to slay a dragon or horror NOW, not 6 turns later, its aweful.

the allies are lacking. Golem but no Healing Staff in the run. Explosive Troll (haha, I let that one stay locked up). The best two IMO was a Naga or Ogre. I ran back up from floor 16 to Floor 2 and used all 4 Wand of Empowerments thru the treasure chambers on her. There’s a Dar Priest, but she’s floor 24 I think it was. So late to the game.

13 Enchants in all. Hp 90 (+6). 21 Str (+9)
Best Melee build I could think of would of been: Flail +2 (+6), Banded +4 (+10), Regen +1, Health +1 (+4), Reaping +2, Firebolt 2, Poison 3.
Maybe a more Poison Staff centric build would of been slightly easier. If someone was going to ascend this one. It was a good start but a hard to finish dungeon layout.[/spoiler]

so whats the next seed

Sorry, I got caught up this weekend and slipped my mind. Let’s try a date one since there’s no top winner. I’ll keep the thread going in hopes. Want to encourage everyone from the old fun thread to continue. Wonder where they all went. See you all at end of the week.

@Scotch_Lufkin I completed one, Threag completed one. That’s all to my knowledge after I joined that thread. I failed several times. Usually overconfidence or not viewing all my options before deciding on a plan of attack.

Seed: 20170120


Name			Gold	Death				Floor
Wooben			4081	killed by a dar blademaster	12
Maxamune		2576	killed by a acid mound		6
Scott_Lufkin		191	killed by ???			4

OMG that sucked. It going really well, and I don’t want to spoil how I died because it’s… kind of crazy. But was on depth 4 with a meager 191 gold. What the hell…?!

didnt grab the screencap when it happened, so you’re gonna have to trust me on this one

Ended up going all in on the plate mail, but then also the whip? They don’t really synergise well… Ended up sorrounded by monsters unable to get to the exit two tiles away because of a goddamned jelly

Wooben won. Pick a seed when you get this.

I died to two acid mound because I wasn’t paying attention. I was hallucinating from a toad and didn’t realize that my weapon and armor went negative from trying to hit the two mobs in the room below. I was thinking I was having a bad luck misses so kept trying.

Heck yea
Sorry i didn’t check this for ages. New seed is 45235745

Even though I don’t get in each one, hopefully we can keep this going. I will try to get this one in today!

Screenshot of the new seed start:

Dammit. I got playing too quickly and didn’t notice amongst all the damned slimes a centipede until my health was too low to retreat. Ah well, a decent run for a weekly challenge for me.

Did a very dumb thing. Grabbed the key in the poison gas room, thought oh ill just chuck a wall over the vent using my staff of obstruction. Of course I shoot it off at a wrong angle and go and wall myself in… don’t as why I didn’t just aim it properly, i dont know myself. Obstructions last a long time. Long enough for me to die like an idiot waiting for it to clear.

Was doing pretty well for me and getting better at reacting to bad situations and using the items I have available to make situations easier to handle.

[spoiler]I had just finished getting out of a really hairy situation with 2 dar blademasters and 2 vampire bats and was resting up in a corner. I came back out dispatched 3 acid mounds with a potion of incineration and made the mistake of leaving my armor on and letting one mound take my Scale Armor of Multiplicity down from +3 to -1. I unfortunately used my first enchantment scroll on the Flail, but it did cancel the negative effect on it and I ended up bumping it up to +5 by the end. I really like how the Flail gets its bonus hits in while “strafing” the enemies.

At the end I saw a Wraith coming in and set it on fire with an incendiary dart to get it softened up a bit. Then the damn thing wandered into a paralysis trigger, and then a fire trap trigger, and that was all she wrote for me. I did pick up the Staff of Entrancement earlier and was hoping to have some fun with that making monsters attack each other and run into lava and stuff, but I never had a chance to use it.[/spoiler]

On what got @Wooben, I was fortunate to have the scroll on the level on me and used it in the chance it was placed there on purpose. It was a scroll of teleportation and sent me out of there to safety :).

Killed by an Ogre on depth 6 with 949 gold.

Kelan got next seed :* grats

Sorry I totally forgot about this. I even had a seed picked out, but just realized I never posted it.

Seed: 09122729