Broken Arrow - A Modern World in Conflict?

At first I thought this was another Red Dragon/Reigments clone, but this YouTuber is correct in that it has serious World in Conflict vibes.

Looks beautiful.

Mack had a preview and thinks it’s pretty good.

He mentioned there’s a demo available today/tomorrow as part of Steam Next Fest.

That’s a big nope from me.

What’s going on in the video, other than an armored car thingy shooting up some trucks? Is that supposed to be a call-out to the Ukraine war? I definitely get why buying a game from a Russian dev at this point in time could be problematic in general. I’m just trying to figure out what that video clip means.

For context.

Hmm, that’s going to hurt sales.

They posted a response about it on Steam. I don’t know enough to know who’s telling the truth.

Our 3 minute video showcasing one of the factions of the game include a footage of 2 seconds showing a BTR shooting american MTVR trucks in a city while other BTRs are being ambushed.

We were illustrating what is written in the dev blog accompanying the video:
“Each squad and its transport might be outclassed if they encounter stronger enemy units but some BTRs might find undefended routes of approach. This allows their infantry to pour through enemy lines and end up destroying weak and expensive support unit”
A supply truck is the perfect example of a weak and expensive unit that’s why the BTR is rushing to destroy the trucks.

Even though there are differences it is undeniable that the result has strong similarities with a video captured during the early days of the invasion of Ukraine when you put these two selected bits side by side.
But this is by no mean a tribute to this particular video and in no case a glorification of the shooting of the people that were potentially killed or injured that day.
We show Russian troops in action just like we have shown American troops in action in the previous video in order to present the different factions of the game.

Accusing us to make Russian propaganda is ridiculous, we just released a demo were the USMC invades the russian territory of Baltiysk. Does that look like Russian propaganda?

Our team include Russians, some of them with Ukrainian families torn appart by this war, but also native Ukrainians and I’m French.
We have been working together long before the war started, we are friends and refuse to let this war break the bonds between us.
We are not here to make politics, we are here to make a good game that a maximum of people will enjoy.
All that with the help of our English publisher an its Italian marketting team on an American online store.

So maybe we could set the nationalities asside for a moment and focus on what we have in common rather than what divides us.

I’d believe the disclaimer more if the videos were not so eerily identical.

Indeed, and even if it had been coincidental, a conscientious director or designer should insist it be replaced.

I liked it as a throwback to a game I consider a classic, but the mission is terribly designed.

There’s a gate when you get to the artillery, and if you haven’t gotten enough troops across before you finish them, you lose the mission at that point, because you have no time to bring them across afterwards.

You’d think even the slightest bit of testing would’ve revealed that.

It’s also very noticeable that they’ve gotten rid of the deployment zones from World in Conflict, so you may call in stuff that is destroyed before it can even deploy.

I also think it’s disappointing that it’s missing the best thing about World in Conflict, which is the fire support. The joy of World in Conflict is in using awesome firepower to lay waste to a map that is more or less pristine when you start. These guys either haven’t gotten to that, or they don’t realize it.

World in Conflict is one of my favorite games. That Massive got swallowed up by publishers who had no clue how to use them is one of the biggest chips on my videogame shoulder.

I just know they had the talent to create more stellar original stuff, instead of being wasted on whatever-pointless-Ubigame.

Just look at it! My beautiful baby.

Truly, graphics are temporary, and art is forever.

It’s a computer graphic. You can make it look like anything, but chose that specifically. At best, it was a insensitive screw up. If they had deleted it and apologised I would have accepted that. Instead they double down that it is actually OK and people making accusations are ridiculous.

Yup, the correct response if it’s coincidental is “holy shit we had no idea, we will fix this!”

IMO it is way too on-point to be an accident.