Broken Forum vanished

Hey, it’s returned! It’s an Easter miracle!

I’m actually not cool with closing the thread, partly because there are other things being discussed. I’m also not cool with closing a thread because people are talking about another site. There is no rule about what we can and can’t complain about. Is it poor form? Perhaps. Should it be prohibited? No.

That said, I think everyone in this thread would appreciate it if people complaining about Broken Forum would just let it go already…


I’m skeptical of posting anything here until Tom finishes the reply he’s typing… ;)

e: Maverick!!!

One time I dressed up my dong as a bong and this hippie chick was all, like, I’ll hit it


I mean…

I think people should totally be allowed to carry their baggage from thread to thread but if they choose to do so they will be assessed a $25 carry-on fee. Is all I’m saying.

Honestly? This thread has been civil as fuck. I could write a few thousand words, but why? People here know me, and anyone who cares enough to have an active BF account can go look at my bid to keep Napoleon away from Moscow their own selves, provided Lum didn’t delete it.

Anyone interested in it is welcome to PM me, but I suspect anyone interested knows the personalities involved and has a pretty good sense of what went down and why anyway.

And despite all that, I’m glad BF is there. I’m glad it’s a positive thing for a lot of people who may not have a welcoming online community where they can let their freak flag fly in all its glory, and I mean that in the geek-positive '80s Very Special Episode kind of way. I don’t post there any more because it stopped being a positive in my life, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.

I can count on one hand the number of times threads have been closed here. And mostly, I have no desire to dictate what people can and can’t complain about. As for the bit from the rules you cited, I find it’s better to let people complain about something so long as it’s contained than it is trying to proscribe certain topics of conversation.


Tom can certainly speak for himself, but my experience over however the hell long here has been that that rule gets pulled out when, f’rex, someone is following idk @DaveLong around fighting game threads badgering him about whatever his latest wrong opinion about Nintendo is. As a community Qt3 hasn’t had an actual issue with that in years and years.

Well, Dave Long is pretty insufferable once you get him started about Birdo or Ryu or whomever. :)



Another time I dressed it up as Holly Holm.

Nintendo don’t need my help. They’re pretty resilient. SEGA on the other hand… :(

The old SEGA sound

The new SEGA sound

It’s best to think of BF like it’s The Maze in Westworld, it isn’t meant for you.


Oh that is perfect.

I found it interesting up thread with all the middle aged white males trying to describe how women feel about things. Now at BF that would get you into deep shit. :)