Broken Forum vanished

Tom can certainly speak for himself, but my experience over however the hell long here has been that that rule gets pulled out when, f’rex, someone is following idk @DaveLong around fighting game threads badgering him about whatever his latest wrong opinion about Nintendo is. As a community Qt3 hasn’t had an actual issue with that in years and years.

Well, Dave Long is pretty insufferable once you get him started about Birdo or Ryu or whomever. :)



Another time I dressed it up as Holly Holm.

Nintendo don’t need my help. They’re pretty resilient. SEGA on the other hand… :(

The old SEGA sound

The new SEGA sound

It’s best to think of BF like it’s The Maze in Westworld, it isn’t meant for you.


Oh that is perfect.

I found it interesting up thread with all the middle aged white males trying to describe how women feel about things. Now at BF that would get you into deep shit. :)

I’m sure it got a few eyerolls here, too :)

Hey, Sega’s doing just fine. What about the Dreamcast? I can play Rez, Jet Set Radio, that taxi game, and, uh, others. . .

It’s thinking.


I really liked Power Stone too

I loved that game so much. I still wish they’d bring it back. It would be a great fit on the Switch!


I agree with this. Also, I keep reading some posters insist there are very few women here. How do they know? Some of us don’t get our knickers in a bunch at the drop of a hat.

Edit - Oh dear, I should read to the end before I post! My view is the same though - I enjoy the posts on this forum. I don’t post much because I generally have nothing important enough to say. Gender has nothing to do with it.

For some people, it’s pretty obvious what their gender is.

That’s true. And yes, I would guess the majority of “frequent” posters are male. But to assume the only women here are the ones jumping in to defend the female gender has no basis,