Broken PCI-E x16 clip, A8N-E

Hi, Qt3 denizens,

I recently upgraded to a new case, motherboard, processor and RAM, and in removing my new-ish 8800GT from the previous motherboard (an ASUS A8N-E) I ended up breaking the annoyingly-overengineered graphics card securing clip. The card I plan to put in the older machine is my previous one, a 7800GT, and I wonder whether the lack of a clip will be a problem. If not, silly question, is it possible to install a new clip of some kind?

(I’m planning on giving my sis the resulting older machine, and it would suck if I’d somehow made the motherboard unuseable.)

It may dislodge if there’s any movement on the VGA/DVI cable, or if the computer is bumped.

Get one of these for the peace of mind:

Twisty tie.