Broken RAM retainer clips in laptop

I bought a new laptop for which I need 1G of RAM, but bought with 512 MB because the manufacturer was charging an exorbitant fee for the extra 512. I bought a 512 SODIMM and was installing it as I’ve done with other laptop memory, but as I was tilting it into place, the plastic retaining clips, instead of snapping into place, broke at the base. At first they just cracked, but as I tried to gingerly get the RAM seated they broke clean off, and the little metal spring tabs attached to them came loose.

Does anyone have experience with something like that happening? Is this something I can get a warranty repair for?

The laptop is used as a always-on server; it doesn’t need to actually be portable. Right now I’ve got the stick of RAM working by wedging it in place with a little block of styrofoam between the RAM and the RAM compartment door. Is this going to end up destroying the computer?

Any advice appreciated.