Brooklyn Nine Nine

So this premiered on Fox (boo) this week and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher seem to work off each other really well, and the supporting cast is great (LOVE Joe Lo Truglio - incredibly underrated comedic actor). I think they’ve done a good job of finding a voice for cop comedy, something that isn’t easy to do (Jeremy Renner and The Unusuals comes to mind). It keeps a light and silly tone, but they’re still doing police work.

The first episode is on Hulu - I heartily recommend that folks check it out.

Wife and I watched this one last night. She loved it, and I found it surprisingly funny. I get a little bit of a Scrubs vibe off it. So I’m in for a second episode.

So this premiered on Fox (boo) …

The Dads previews totally didn’t appeal to us, but it was on just before BNN so we watched the last few minutes of it on the DVR. The actual show was not funny at all (glad to see we got that one right), but the preview of next week’s episode was something like “Next week, Dad’s goes where almost no Fox comedy goes…the second episode.” I actually laughed pretty hard at that.

I enjoyed it and will watch a few more episodes for sure. I still think that The Good Guys from a few years back was better.

Dug this, had a few rough edges which is normal for a pilot, but laughed out loud more than once. Really dug the old woman shopping during the confrontation. Anyway, hope this one sticks around. Already a fan of New Girl and The Mindy Project, so here’s wishing success to that whole comedy block (although Dads sucked).

Saw about half of it, the boys are big Andy Samberg fans. Looks like it has potential.

It’s certainly worth a shot. I’m not sure they can maintain the level of the first episode, and at the same time keep the show from rapidly becoming stale.

The Good Guys reference by lordkosc is interesting to me, because I expect that I’ll stop watching it for the same reason as The Good Guys; every episode really started to blur together in a sea of sameness. The quality was still there, but it felt like it was the same material week after week.

Watched the pilot this weekend. It was really good!

Also, it should be mentioned (since it hasn’t yet been), that in addition to Goor and Schur, the Executive producers include Lord and Miller (Clone High, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs), who I’ve had a comedy-crush on for years. Lord and Miller also directed the first episode, so maybe it just happens to hit a sweet spot for me.

There’s been a lot of talk about how there hasn’t been a cop sitcom since Barney Miller, but there kinda-sorta has been in the last couple of years: Castle (at least, it’s a comedic procedural). The background players in the pilot made me think a bit of the supporting cast in Castle, which isn’t a bad thing.

Andre Braugher was/is amazing, and the series’ main saving grace. Not a fan of Samberg, but the pilot wasn’t awful, so I’ll keep this on the DVR.

Episode 2 was lame. LAAAME!

Yeah, I hope it makes it a full season. But I am doubting it now.

Definitely not funny enough to assure repeat viewing. Also, way too far into character drama and moral dilemmas to be successful in the half-hour sitcom format. Seems like Samberg’s goofiness, the selling point in the pre-season promos, is being resisted by the writing staff instead of being embraced.

Also what kind of kid would put penis drawings on anything in 2013? It would at the very least be dickbutts.

That’s what the older cop thought it was!

Agreed. It felt like they were rushing through the plot to cram everything into 22 minutes, especially in the last few minutes.

Weaker than the first ep, but not terrible. The tone has been maintained, but the pace of the jokes wasn’t quite as rapid fire. I felt the supporting cast didn’t get as much to work with either, and were just acting out 1 beat caricatures, while more was hinted at in the pilot. I hadn’t thought of it as being plot-heavy, but now that you mention it, I agree.

Some growing pains are expected though.

On the laugh-o-meter, the pilot had a lot of surprising laugh out loud moments. Second episode I think I managed one chuckle at something that I can’t even remember. This tends to be the problem with most sit-coms for me, they really can’t keep the premise/setup funny or fresh for longer than an episode or two. Anything that makes it past the first week in our house usually gets 3 or 4 additional episodes because we recognize it sometimes takes a bit to develop a show, and not every episode is going to be a winner, but B99 really needs to pick it up, especially given that its on Fox.

“The DA wanted to thank you for your good work.”
“Well, that’s why we do it, sir.”
“For praise?”

Love this show. The characters are clicking, the jokes and sight gags are funny, the acting is at times excellent. Can they keep it up? I certainly didn’t expect Scrubs to run as long as that show did.

The third episode was better than the second; the jokes were sharper and they didn’t try to cram the plot of an hour long show into a thirty minute slot. They also made better use of the supporting cast, which is promising since that’s the only way they’ll be able to sustain the show over multiple episodes.

I didn’t mind the second episode, probably laughed roughly as much as I did in the pilot, but I agree that the third surpassed the second for me. Loved that “praise” line already mentioned.

Just saw the third episode (only one I’ve seen), and it was funny, but early on my friends pointed out that Santiago (I think, the one with the joke about “that’s why we do it”) is basically Ann Perkins 2.0, and I spent the rest of the episode unable to see her as anything else.