Brooklyn Nine Nine


Because the cleavage cloaks the camera with its curves!


Sorry I said cleavage.



I’m slowly catching up on this since it’s on Hulu, and I’m still only about halfway through the first season, but it’s enough that this observation seems ridiculous in retrospect.


I like to say things as if I was Captain Holt. For example, today my son’s school lunch was:

Cheeseburger and SMILEY FRIES.


“Why does the word ‘who’ even exist if you’re not allowed to say it?”



Ray and Diaz role playing a breakup is my new favorite.


Holt reciting that URL from memory, character-by-character, and then asking Diaz if she knew that one, had me totally cracking up.


That was funny, but one of my pet peeves is people saying “backslash” when they mean slash. It would be fine if Jake was saying that but I expect Ray to know the difference (especially since the entire joke was based on him recalling the URL precisely).


That had my wife and I in tears. So perfect.


Bah, the website Holt reels off takes you to the Amazon page for the B99 Season 2 DVD.

I was hoping for more.


Last week I binge-watched this last season of Last Man on Earth, which was excellent. This week I binge-watched the last season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which was also excellent.

Everything in this show is so well handled. If you’d told me before-hand that the show would have a serious Arc where they were trying to take down an Arch nemesis who was after one of their own, I would have thought there’s no way they can pull something serious like that off while still maintaining the gut-busting comedy. And I would have been wrong.


We recently binged on all three seasons over a month or so, and while it doesn’t TOTALLY fill the hole left by Parks and Rec, it’s fairly close.

Also, this show would be a billion times less funny without Andre Braugher and Terry Crews. God I love both of them so much, especially Braugher. We actually both have bits of him as our text tones on our phones. Me, I have “Oopsie Doodle.” Nicole has “Let’s Blow some Tiny Minds.” Since she’s a teacher, it’s perfect.

Yeah, we’re total fans. :)


“Rosa could you please fill my car with a million bees?”



“Just write, ‘unknown stone fruit’.”



I’m so happy this is back on. We watched it last night and it was a breath of fresh air. God it was so good, a great way to kick off the season.

“The only thing you’re selling is a huge pile of bunk!”


Agreed. Great episode. Good to have the show back.


The power walking group, the corn dog outfit, snake removal, orgasm donor t-shirt, it was a glorious season opener.


“Danger is my maiden name.”



This season seemed weaker than the previous, I don’t recall laughing as much, also as you can see no one posted since the opener. :p


I agree. It feels pretty much like a retread. I’m short on decent comedy shows right now, so this suffices.