Brooklyn Nine Nine


I enjoyed the first half of the season a lot. I felt it was the same quality as previous seasons. I especially loved the beginning of the season in Florida.

But right now my Hulu subscription is on hold until late February while I catch up on Netflix shows and now Crunchyroll shows. I don’t like paying for multiple services at once. I pay for one service at a time and watch it as much as I can, and then come back to it later.

So i’ll catch up with the second half of this season starting in March.


Did you guys watch the episode with Jimmy Smits, where Jake is trying to impress him? Binders! That was so good.


Totally, we’ve really enjoyed this season. As always Crews and Braugher have the best laughs.


Pretty much this. @lordkosc I can’t speak for everyone, but other than spoiling individual bits that I loved, I’ve already proclaimed my love for this show and I guess I didn’t see a reason to come back with a “yep, still awesome!” type post, but I definitely disagree with the sentiment that this is in any way a weaker season.


It’s fine. And there are some funny moments. But it is really starting to sputter. I’m getting tired of Nikolaj jokes. Amy and Jake are going nowhere. Rosa and Gina are just doing the same old thing. And when you get the sense that Andre Braugher is just spinning his wheels, it’s time for a change. There’s a cool relationship there. Really cool. Not just with him and the precinct, but with him and his man. That’s reduced to a joke about boning. Which is funny. To an extent. And the editing is cute. But you’ve got a supercar in Andre Braugher. Let him take a spin.

Finally, there’s so much you can do with Ken Marino. Good lord. Watch “Party Down” if you don’t believe me. I like the in-the-ear stuff they let him do, but that doesn’t really go anywhere and by and large he’s underused. Come on. Live a little.

Anyway, I still like the show. I just think this season is one of those seasons in a show’s run that’s getting a little stagnant.

About the only thing that has reliable power is Terry Crews. That guy is like a renewable energy source.



You guys posting in this thread had me excited that there was an episode after the Christmas one.


They have to dial way back on the Adrian Pimento. That was funny for one episode, not half a season.



My TiVo is going to record a new double-episode of this tomorrow for some reason–it says it’s new, but I have my doubts. Anyone know the skinny?


Oh fuck, that’s awesome, I didn’t know it was coming but a quick trip to the B99 page on FOX confirms it. Thanks for the update!


I just got a War Boner trying to figure out how to reply to this.

Man I HATE Pimento.



Pimento is a terrible character.


The hour long was a return to form, and the Pontiac Bandit returned!


My Hulu subscription came back and I discovered there were only 3 new episodes of B99 to watch during the 3 months that I had the sub on hold. :( Come on Fox, what kind of scheduling is that?

Good 3 episodes though, including the two part Fugitive episode. I think the show has some new episodes coming in March as well.


Can we get a Pontiac Bandit spinoff? Oh please oh please?


This is back on, I am catching up on 3 episodes, no Pimento! Yay!


Yeah, we’re an episode behind, but so glad it’s back.


Then get to it, because last night’s episode was fucking amazing!


Heh, we’ll probably watch it tonight.