Brooklyn Nine Nine


Renewed for Season 5!


Great news–love this series.


Woohoo more Andre Braugher and Terry Crews!

Oh, and the rest I guess…


Such a good show. Colour me amazed way back when my 65yo dad crowed about its awesomeness. So not the target demo.


Anybody else love the end of last night’s episode?


Chelsea Peretti is hilarious. Catch her standup special called One of the Greats. Truly gutbusting IMHO.

@carltonbauheimer I watched it this week but can’t remember now how it ended. Was it the model train scene with Terry and Captain Holt?


I haven’t watched most of this season because of my hours at work, so I’m not sure if last night was a rerun or a new episode.

The episode ends with Gina getting hit by a bus. I just loved how abrupt it was. It took me bu surprise.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard watching tv.


We’re one episode behind. Can’t wait!


We did, really enjoyed it! I love the whole cast, but it’s all about Holt and Terry for me.


That was an older episode. :)


The model train episode was so good. And that fermented bread dough!


We’re actually a few episodes behind. “Moo-Moo” was an amazing episode. Really heavy for this shoe, yet it worked amazingly well.


Cowabunga Mother!


I like the everloving shit out of this post. :)


Hmm just the right amount of pimento in the finale. Also Boyle ageing was so good.


Yeah, that was good stuff. How will Jake and Rosa get out of that pickle?


No clue! But courtroom Rosa can show up every episode. ^.^


I agree that she cleans up pretty good. ;-) But I like her tough girl look as well.
Speaking of the actress (Stephanie Beatriz) though, was it just me, or did she look weird in the first couple of episodes of this season?


I just got caught up on the last 6 episodes of the season. I can’t believe where they ended this season. Thank god the show got renewed I guess! :)


“Thanks for the heroin, hunky Jesus!”