Brooklyn Nine Nine


Also, I just want to give a shout out to the racially-biased cops episode. Obviously this isn’t the type of show that deals with issues. This isn’t the Carmichael Show, is what I’m saying. It’s not how the show is setup. It’s a light-hearted workplace comedy about a police station. But when they did decide to handle the issue, I felt they really did it well, while still being funny, just like the Carmichael show. So kudos to Brooklyn Nine Nine.


I’m totally with you on this. I think Gina’s “Racism” song proves your point about how the show knows how to touch upon an issue it feels cannot be ignored, and does so while staying in its lane. This may seem like a “that’s nice, Dear” kind of compliment, but it isn’t. To me that makes the commentary even more powerful.

I have never seen the word ‘besmirched’ used this many times, and so freaking well. It’s great writing and great delivery.

Also Desmond Harrington is great casting in this.


“What’s a orgasm?”


“You are not Die-Harding off of this roof.”



Yay season 5! Peralta and Diaz still in prison.

Boyle eat’n da butter dream!
Touching time! :D
Boyle’s hair!
Ramen soup currency
Jake has the best prison roommate.
Picante Beef! Beefy! Beef Baby!
Diaz’s requests, Cancel my Cable! :D
Fiesta filter!
Warning stomps!

Seriously the best start to a season ever!


3 episodes in and still no Gina, I sorta miss her wise cracks.

Getting out of jail episode was alright, Pimento and Rosa episode was just so-so. Follow the flan was a bit funny. Holt being the evaluater for Jake was funny. Evaluating Pants! Squatting high 5!


Is Chelsea Peretti not with the show anymore or something?

Ah, I guess she had a baby or something with Jordan Peele. That’s going to be one funny kid.


She was pregnant last season, so maybe…

Nevermind, you edited.


Holy shit last night’s episode was awesome.


Yeah, that was one of the best episodes. Certainly top 3 in terms of cold opens! “Where are my eggs!?”

I love the Halloween episodes so much, these guys get it.


Yeah the Halloween episode was just top notch, so many good moments and the twist near the end!


I totally teared up at the end.

Also, “It’s Heist Time!” is my new text tone.



English Walnut Pie Theft! Holt’s investigation!

How is it Katey Sagal hasn’t aged in like 20 years?

Jake and Amy’s parents-giving was great, because it went horrible!

Nothing better than a plain scone!


Brooklyn Nine Nine has had pretty poor ratings this season. It’s the second worst performing show at Fox (The Exorcist is worse). So it is likely getting canceled, so we probably just had our series finale in that last episode and short season. I’m upset.

Of course, there is a lot of uncertainty with this because of the Fox/Disney merger. Some analyst I was reading was saying that the shows produced by third parties are actually safer this go around than first party shows because of the merger. B99 is produced by NBCU so let’s hope that gives it another season.

TV Grim Reaper used to be the cancel bear. The people running cancel bear say the same thing.


Man would that suck. And “reality TV,” which is replacing all our good shows, is a cancer.


In the analyst report that I was looking at, one of the reasons that third party shows are more likely to survive is that Disney got Fox production studios in the deal but does not own Fox Broadcast TV station. So if Disney decides to shop around Fox properties or move them (I dunno, sounds unlikely to me personally) then Fox (TV) would be looking for new shows, and the ones produced by third parties are just simple renewals without all the “Disney now owns this shit” baggage.

And then (finally relevant, I am) Fox (TV) moves towards making it on its own, which means it’ll be largely… reality TV and sports.

UGH. My two least favorite things on TV. :(


Man, I’d be pissed if this got canceled. Where would I get my Terry Crews and Andre Braugher fix?



Hopefully if it does get cancelled it will live on over at Netflix or something. It’s just one of the best shows.


Oh thank goodness the season isn’t over already at least. Season 5 will come back this spring.


I am slowly catching up on the few I have on my DVR. Loved that Jake got to go inside Nakatomi Plaza during the episode where Holt is headed back to NYC for a job interview.

This show returns March 18th!