Brother printers finally turned evil

They just want to keep it in the family?

I should probably just read those comments, but can’t the Framework Laptop people make a printer that doesn’t do this nonsense? Is it hard because of patents?

We are actually fine with our Brother laser, and hope it lasts a long time, but I’d financially support any decent effort to provide an escape from the naughty major brands.

Late-stage capitalism sucks so hard.

I literally just got a Brother multifunction laser this month. :/

People still print?

It’s rare for me, but it’s nice to have a printer when I need it.

And I’m rockin a Brother laser from 2011, still going strong.

Yeah, I print pretty frequently for the rpgs I run, though I largely try to do that at work for free. Got a solid brother wireless b&w laser at home, though. I’d be piiiissed if the off brand everything I load it up with suddenly stopped working.

A printer’s helpful when you have school projects, 4H projects, want to give toddlers coloring pages, and so on.

Ditto - just checked and we bought our Color Laser MFC in 2011 too! Have had to replace the drum in the past year tho - Mrs. Kub prints a LOT!

In the scheme of things, a $99 printer I bought in 2011 that has gone with me to five different cities and still works like the day I bought it, I gotta say, nice going, Brother.

I’m not interested in buying a new printer from you because of these shenanigans, but I have certainly gotten a lot of value out of this one!

Dot matrix ftw?

You still needed ribbons for consumables if I recall. Thermal printers are the kind that don’t need ink or ribbons right?

Thermal printers don’t need ribbons, but they need special paper. I figure either would be more difficult to lock down with chips than cartridges. Printer companies are only slightly less evil than ISPs, imho.