Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons


They got everything according to the post. They even got the rights to the old game going forward.


“Sisters - a tale of two daughters”.


Twins: a Tale of Too Many Diapers


Clones: A Tale of Reboots


Younger brother marries a nice village girl. They go on an adventure with their four children, each controlled by a face button, and a dog and a cat, controlled by the triggers. But the game doesn’t get going until you learn to use the Start button to make the family start loving again…


I think we have a winner!


Brothers is a game crying out to not have a sequel.


Yeah. It’s perfectly paced and self contained.



RTS is for the last century. BROTHERS MOBA!!! Esport streaming livecam with multiple angles, incl the essential LEFT and RIGHT HAND CAMs!


I bet they do a next gen release for PS4 and Xbox One.


“Progeny: a Tale of Two Gender Neutral Offspring”


Arise thread! A friend recently got round to playing this and he hated it after the first hour. Like, really hated it. Whether he’d have warmed to it had he played any further, I’ll never know, but I decided to give this thread a quick read while I was thinking about why I loved Brothers so much.

Some great exchanges and points made on here… over two years ago. I particularly liked CLWheeljack’s write-up and some of Nightgaunt’s observations. And I know I can count on Qt3 to notice little gems like this: (spoilers!)

Yeah, I think a lot of people miss that unfortunately! I don’t know what I found more affecting, the main bit that the game builds up to (you know the one), or this. It’s really something though to be served up two poignant moments like that in the space of, what? 10 minutes?

I’ve only played through Brothers once but I feel like giving it another spin. What an amazing little experience. I definitely preferred it to Journey (not difficult tbh!) and it easily sits shoulder to shoulder with Ico. Anyone who hasn’t played it yet should check it out. It’s about 3 hours long and you’ll struggle to find a more terse and rewarding experience.


I fully agree. As someone who never plays anything a gamepad ever, let me say that Brothers makes it worth to own a gamepad just to play Brothers with it. (Although, I seem to recall having to fiddle with some third-party software to make it work with my old, cheap, serviceable, non-Xbox pad.)




And if there is anybody who still has been holding off, it’s $1 in the current Humble Bundle.


It’s always nice to jump into this game, do a bit of traversal, and then jump back out. It’s nice as one of those short experiences when you’ve got 5 minutes.


I hate the ending.


I played this with my kids watching and they both started crying and it took forever to calm them.

Horrible ending.


I mean, ok. But the ending is amazing, and one of the best convergences of storytelling through mechanics in gaming.

Fortunately we don’t kick people out for being wrong ;)


Hard to believe I played this 4 years ago, it was so good.