Browser Wars 2006!

I use Firefox! Please explain Other votes.

Other: Mozilla


Any more exciting “Other” votes coming? Maybe someone using Konqueror or something?

I use IE7 most of the time, and some Firefox.

But I have no idea why anyone cares that much about their browser, or why they feel it needs to be some sort of contest. I visit websites, which I consider more important than what I use to view said websites.

You’ve never once felt sorry for someone who used AOL? I am happy with FF, and I don’t push it on people unprovoked, but if they ever give me a hint of dissatisfaction with IE I’ll suggest FF.

My “early lead” crack was really an excuse for a bump. I want to keep this post above the fold so I can get more poll answers. Also, the IE7 thread made me curious.

Was a huuuuuuuuge Firefox fan. I’m experimenting with IE 7. So far, there’s a lot to like.

I don’t let my friends use IE.

Putting Firefox on my parents’ computers reduced the amount of bullshit tech support calls I got from them to almost nothing. However, the relative popularity of FF means that more stuff is targeted at it now, so that advantage is starting to lessen.

Firefox. All the way! :)

Firefox, mainly for consistency across all the machines I use (a mix of Windows, Linux, and OS X).

I almost gave up on Firefox on OS X though, due to various glitches and crashes. Firefox 2 RC2 seems to have solved most of my problems, though.

I’ve got the newest Firefox and IE7 intalled but primarily I use IE. No matter how many cool Firefox extentions there are, I don’t care for the crappy way it renders partial pages and the overall sluggishness of it compared to IE.

Safari + Saft is all I need (unless I’m logging in to test something and need multiple sessions at once, then I’ll fire up Firefox for the other session). With Saft, I don’t miss Firefox extensions, and it’s such a pleasant browser. On Vista I use IE7.

Firefox used to be my main browser, but the UI doesn’t compete well with either of my current choices. “Recently closed tabs” is a very cool feature, though not enough to entice me back by itself.

IE7 is pig slow. That phishing “content scanner” really bogs shit down. If your Firefox is “slow” you should use FasterFox. Also, 2.0’s rendering engine should make significant progress over the current Gecko engine.

I’ve got the newest Firefox and IE7 intalled but primarily I use Firefox. No matter how many cool IE improvements there are, I don’t care for the crappy way it scans pages for phishing and the overall sluggishness of it compared to Firefox.

  • Alan

i see what you, uh, did there.

Yes, but I see that you see that I saw what you saw I did there.

  • Alan

Agreed. FF has gotten to the point that they don’t even ask why a particular page doesn’t work right.


  • Adblock and Filterset.G
  • FlashBlock
  • TinyURL Creator

Camino for OS X. It’s based on the Mozilla engine but written natively for the Mac. It boots faster and renders pages faster for me than FF.

  • NoScript