Browser Wars 2006!

Firefox for personal use, but some of our work websites require IE6, so I’m not completely free of it. Pre-Firefox, I used Avant Browser, which is a tabbed browser built on top of IE6 and fixes a lot of my issues / complaints with IE.

Downside is that it doesn’t do extensions and since their release cycle is pretty long, it takes a while for new features to get in. At least for FF you don’t have to wait and can get extensions to fix or add any things you want.

I like how it doesn’t let you move the File/Edit/View toolbar up above the address bar.

Or wait. Maybe I don’t like it. Aren’t I supposed to like whatever Microsoft tells me to like? :O


  • Adblock and Filterset.G
  • FlashBlock
  • TinyURL Creator[/I]
    + NoScript

+Google Browser Sync

If you know what phishing is you can turn the filter off.

Lynx, baby. Now that’s rendering speed.

+Session Saver

Firefox 2.0RC2 for OS X with:
+Adblock and Filterset.G
+Mouse Gestures (which don’t really exist for Camino, which is it’s main strike)
+Nightly Tester Tools (so I can override and run “incompatible extensions”)

Internet Explorer - because I’m an idiot I guess.

I still remember when Internet Explorer replaced the bloatware crap that was Netscape. I hated Netscape. Loved how they tried to make you pay them to surf the free Internet.


Opera, because of its excellent zoom that doesn’t break the display width.

Session saver is essential. Man, is it fantastic to be able to shut down firefox whenever I need the memory for something else (I run with 40 tabs open, on average) and blip right back to where I was when I’m done.

Opera does it.

Also, it’s slick and quick and nice to look at with all the features and no extension hunting.

Opera fans always say “all the features, without extension hunting…” which I suppose is true if Opera happens to already have all the features you want. For me, it absolutely doesn’t, which is why I don’t use it, even though I think it’s very swank. If Opera had a vigorous extension scene, I’d switch in a heartbeat.

Agreed. The extensions are not a liability, Kalle.

Other - Camino.
FF ran like a dog on my Mac and Camino is lightning fast. It supports a few extensions, and they’re the only extensions I need. On my PC I use Avant Browser because work stuff doesn’t look right in FF.

Anybody had sucess getting IE7 installed alongside 6? I tried following this: and it… kinda worked. But it seems to crash after loading a few sites.

I was having issues with Firefox 1.5 on my Mac, moved to the RC1 of Firefox 2.0, and all the problems went away. Haven’t had any crashes since RC2 came out.

I guess you really shouldn’t be doing that since IE7 is an operating system upgrade and replaces a whole bunch of libraries along with the browser frontend.

Really? 1.5 is when I gave up on my Mac because it was so sluggish, maybe I’ll try again.