Brrrrr Cold Waters


Me too. It dawned on me as I was looking at all my fancy post WW2 toys like guided torpedoes missiles, amazing new sonar and tech to detect enemy ships & subs… when I remembered… as the first ping hit me. The Soviets get those new toys as well…


Depth under keel needs to be displayed on prominently on the tactical screen because I ran aground more than once while maneuvering from the 2D tactical window. Depth under keel is shown on the F5 screen but it’s easy to forget it when fish are in the water.


Can you run a guided torpedo into the ground like you would a SAM in DCS? Probably not.This trick depends on the missile having a lot of speed, being much higher than you and using a lead pursuit (aiming in front of you). Torpedoes don’t move as fast and perhaps don’t even use lead pursuit, might be they go for a dumb pure pursuit when locked on. hmmm. So do later torpedoes get better at discerning noise makers? I found the early campaign soviet ones quite easy to spoof.


As an Atlantic Fleet player, this is turn-based also, yeah? I could go look that up, but hey, I would like to post a reply. Also, $40 kind of hurts right now. Maybe later.


No it aint, its realtime. But submarine warfare aint fast. It is tense though.


Oh hm, will have to view some gameplay.


Our Emperor-God is due to stream it in 2 days.


I was doing fine on my campaig, captaining USS Cincinatti during the opening days of WW3. I sailed her right into the bear’s jaws and kicked him in the teeth, sinking subs left and right. These LA class boats are way OP lol. And then they gave me the mission to stop the soviet invasion force heading to Bergen, Norway.

I was low on stores, with just three fish left and some missiles I rather not use as they give the game away when they broach the surface. Mk-48s work just fine on surface ships though.

So I listened a while above the layer while doing my best to be a hole in the ocean. Got the picture, three targets escorted by two frigates and a Sovremenny. Scary motherfucker.

I went deep and gunned the engines. The sonar room ensured me that bad bastard could not hear us when we were this deep. As I got within 15 clicks of the targets, I carefully set my fishies free. With their guidance wires intact, I swam them right up to the targets, then made them come up and go active. They all went right home.

And then the Sovremenny turned around. Pinging hard. He was on to me. I had no torps in the tubes. So I went full speed and tried to run under him. A salvo of his depth charges rained down around me. Took some minor damage. Made a knuckle and tried to slink away.

The angry Russian would not have it. He kept making little sprints and then drifting to listen. His little buddy frigates joined in. The rain of depth charges was almost constant. I tried to lessen the damage by varying my depth but at a certain point the bow sonar room started flooding. I was out of altitude and out of ideas.

And then a Tu-142 Bear-F joined the party. I was fucked. He dropped a homing torpedo right on top of me. Evading that and the depth charges proved impossible. USS Cincinatti was lost with all hands succesfully defending their NATO allies in Norway from the red invaders.



I didn’t see a shortcut for an overlay of depths in the tatical view in the manual either. Is there one?

That sounded stressful, schurem.


It was stressful, but in the right kind of way :) I think if I were any better at the game, I’d have gotten away with it too. Perhaps I should have engaged the escorts first, then the transports.


A naval game, based on a Microprose title, based on a book by Clancy. I’M IN!


Played the first tutorial. Immediately printed out the manual, just for the control reference. I miss being able to type in exact depth and heading. One of the devs in the Steam forum straight up said that he didn’t put that in because it removed the player from the immediacy of the game. (not an exact quote) I disagree. While broad changes with keyboard controls is necessary in a knife fight, I prefer exact changes on the approach.

I need to play more. To the point that the controls are more familiar.


I definitely think the controls are a step backwards from Atlantic Fleet. I like the game but its a hassle with all these finicky little key commands. Using the number pad for torp control feels like a huge mistake. In one fell swoop you remove a lot of laptops from playing the game using that feature well.

edit: looks like you maybe able to remap keys. Gonna try that later.


Yes you can. And a quick note. R is reload, Shift R is blow ballast. Try not to mix them up. ;)


Boughtened, played the tutorials.

Looks really great. I absolutely need more sound effects and VO feedback.


Yup. Remember Seawolf?


I don’t, but wow, that interface is painful to look at.


Oh sure. DOS game glory. My point was the voice replies to commands.


This is prettier to look at:


I know but I couldn’t hear them with my carpal tunnel’s screamings!