Brrrrr Cold Waters


Yeah, that does. [mini-rant]I understand that mid-game saves take a lot of work and this is a VERY small developer, but the lack of a save makes sure this stays on my wishlist simply because (like many) I have a lot of random demands on my time that I can’t account for. Here’s hoping that changes in the future. [/mini-rant]


Havent missen in battle saves yet. For pause I have the esc. menu of that babby needs change NAO.
Third beta patch (1.02) just dropped. Torps are deadly again and dead things now are properly dead.


Can no longer throw SEALs overboard by clicking on their icon in stores panel


Sounds like this game might become a serious contender to Dominions and KoDP changelogs.


Sounding good, I loved 688 back in the day.



Although there is room for improvement, this is a sub game I can sincerely support. They’ve already made one change that I mentioned in my review–to keep the NATO designation attached to the ships in the Signature panel and on the tactical map. They are planning to add nav stations to allow players to set course and depth, including presets for PD.

Bonus round: I’ve been asked to audition and record American crew voices for the upcoming patch, and that’s going well.


Awesome! Good luck!


[quote=“Neal_Stevens, post:87, topic:130068, full:true”]Bonus round: I’ve been asked to audition and record American crew voices for the upcoming patch, and that’s going well.

Now that would be worth a reinstall! Break a leg, Neal!



Voice replies and nav stations will go a long way to making this a near perfect game.


While I do enjoy driving the sub manually I welcome the addition of course, speed, and depth changes. I’ve had more than my fair share of groundings and exposing my sail while being distracted during depth changes. I also like having all the notification icons displayed permanently atop the screen.

Neal, use this as a primer for giving it your all for the voice overs.

Wow they’re kicking butt here with the beta patches. 1.03 is currently out and it has the in game reference available for those who don’t know their Kanin’s from their Kashin’s and that USET-80s travel at 50 knots.


Finally played a couple hours of it. This game is so tense.
I expected the maneuvering of the sub, the most controversial aspect of the game it seems, to feel much less intuitive, but once I got used to the gliding, I quite liked it.
While I also somewhat miss the Dangerous Waters-ish chatter, I wonder if the incredibly tense, claustrophobic atmosphere isn’t due to that silence and ominous background sound, devoid of human presence. Machines stalking machines. A bit like Duskers.
This game is so absorbing. I played only a couple of scenarios. I experienced the fear of being stalked by the SS-N-16. My last play was a really tense 1968 encounter. It was only a cat and mouse game, but it was awesome. We eventually parted ways, after over an hour of real time: me sneaking out, them unhurt (from what I could tell) by my poorly aimed torpedoes. It still was immensely satisfying. I take pride in properly smelling where the danger was coming from, from all that noise.


Version 1.05 beta is now available. This version contains fixes to the campaigns in order to continue to resolve the most major and disruptive issues. It also contains the first draft of crew voices which were provided courtesy of


… and it is glorious. Game is nearing perfection at an alarming rate.


Yeah. This is the game I was hoping for. Great dev team. After Atlantic and Pacific Fleet I can’t say I’m surprised.


A lot of games would learn and benefit from that kind of game support. The devs may look rough in their dealing with their community, but it hides the heart they put in actually fixing and improving the game.


The crew voices are pretty cool. The delivery doesn’t try to convey some forced emotion, and each post got its own distinctive voice, which is pretty cool. More over, they are all very informative. Work still needs to be done on balance and for missing events (that probably need to be programmed in the first place to get a voice script). I hope they manage to include voices for designated targets.


i asked them for torp in the water and target died voicebits. we’ll see what happens.


I wanted to point to a guide that was just released on Steam, for the 1968 encounters:

It started by a series of posts in the forum from somebody named Wraith_Magus. He compiled all of that info and more in this guide.
If, like me, you were puzzled by the 1968 scenarios, this will help you tremendously figuring what to do and how to do it. The secret of Cold Waters is that there are really two games in one!


Nice. Thank you very much for sharing. It’s like there are two difficulty settings in the game (1984) and 1968. I struggle to hit anything in ‘68. God forbid the Cold War grew hot, the Soviets would have the run of the sea lanes!

Appreciate the guide, hopefully I’ll be able to send something to Davy Jones’ locker…


well in the 60s, had the cold war gone hot, the US would have used tactical nukes at sea. The Mk-37 was retained as a standby while the real ASW work would be done by the nuke Mk 45 and ASROC.