Brrrrr Cold Waters


Traditionnal bump for the new beta, coming with the RSR flavoured way of dealing with movement, hot tips, new interface buttons, bunch of new events and waters… and also some sound-balance issue on my setup, in the initial release.
Also the AI changed quite a bit from what I’ve seen, maybe for the better, playing will tell. When torpedoes start firing… wow!


Not very fresh news (a month old!), but I just stumbled upon this:

Neutral traffic is the thing I really miss from Dangerous Waters and RSR. Hurray!


Okay, so do we like this now? Bears with super-hearing and other annoyances all fixed, it sounds like?


You are still subjected to the crazy good detection of the Soviet navy. Now, though, they don’t seem to instantly know where you are — which just postpones the problem, as they’ll unleash blindly all hell when your presence is confirmed, and then proceed to pinpoint your location and harass you, with deadly efficiency in my experience.
I am still pretty sure they detect any passive torpedo, and are able to make out quite easily where it is originating from. But it might be bias on my part.
You can read tale or watch on youtube heroes zapping through torpedoes while going to Moscow. Personally, the game has been more one of listening, and silently retreating whenever I spot more than a couple of warships.
In either case, the game has become more and more difficult for me after all those patches, but I am most likely playing it very wrong.


Just noticed this thread, good read. I don’t know that I have the attention span for this game, I feel like I’d get bored before I got gud, but I do like the sound of it. I’d love a submarine game that say sort of between a simulation and a seat of the pants, arcadey kind of thing. Probably doesn’t exist.

Reminds me of a survey I filled out from Ubisoft a while back asking to rate potential new Assassin’s Creed settings, and one was a Cold War submarine game world. I have no idea how that would work but I imagine if they could do for subs what they did with sailing ships in AC3 and Black Flag, man that would be a thing!


I put it in the “OK” category. I will play it occasionally. Its nowhere near as good as Atlantic Fleet for me though. I feel like the designer was too heavily influenced by Red Storm Rising. He should have trusted his own design instincts a little more.


I know it’s turn-based but Isn’t Atlantic Fleet sorta like this?


I don’t know, is it? I am woefully behind the times on these kind of games. I’ll look into it though for sure.


It is. You will dig it, I am pretty sure. (Atlantic Fleet)


For me Cold Waters does fit the bill (I love avoiding torpedos via Knuckles and maneuvers in the game), but those are very subjective terms.


Cool, ten bucks on Steam too. Maybe I will take the dive (ha!)


As an aside to this game, I rode both the Dallas and Guitarro back in my younger days. They are both now decommissioned. Of course even scarier is the fact that VQ-2 which I spent two years flying with is gone and I’m pretty sure VQ-1 is going to be replaced by drones soon. What a world.


Didn’t know you were a fellow squid, Vic!


I was an NSGA Cryptologist '88 to '96. But it honestly seems like a different lifetime ago. Best of times and worst of times thing now that I look back on it.


The new campain’s beta is out, with new playable subs, and probably a host of new bugs!


I’ve caught some of Jive Turkey’s streams on this and it definitely has some bugs. Sadly this is going to be the last content patch for Cold Waters meaning there won’t be any DLC planned for a later release.


LOL jpinard goes all Cheetos and Beer on someone in that Steam thread :)


I get really irritated when gamers demand an indie developer make free content forever and say DLC is never an option. His response, “they should go on patreon instead of making future DLC”. I about snap my optic nerve rolling my eyes at that.


*gives @scharmers the stink-eye for not linking the thread in question.


The diplomatic incident is in the news topic linked in my previous post (and it allows me to finally spot Jeff on Steam, request sent!).