Bruce Willis is Kane as "Kane & Lynch" becomes a movie



I can see it being a fun action flick. I liked some of the game, though the multi feels like a shitty UT99 mod or something and is crushed by GTAIV nailing the crime movie multiplayer.

I wonder if the Chicago Sun-Times will fire Roger Ebert if he gives the film a negative review.

Editorial standards have to be upheld, after all.

Actually, Kane & Lynch has been a movie before the game even came out. Lionsgate grabbed the rights while it was still in development.

Also, note that the Variety story says Willis is “negotiating”. I’m guessing this means someone involved in the deal thought a little judiciously leaked info might get Willis a better deal (?).


Bruce Willis as Kane?

I’d rather see him as Lynch …

I’d love for this to do well. The game, if nothing else, had style.

OK, I absolutely understand why someone would try to trade on the cachet of Doom or other big ticket franchises as a way of getting a core fanbase to see the movie.

I even understand why Uwe Boll does his thing, because he’s presumably franchising BloodRayne for pennies and it’s not like he’s out to make money anyway.

And I’ll even buy that Hitman was licensed because it’s kinda a cool premise, almost a cool enough premise to carry a film legitimately.

But why? Why? This is a game whose primary cultural legacy is that it destroyed Gamespot’s reputation among nerds. Like, um, Lionsgate?
Here’s a better premise, for free:

Bankrobber accidentally steals vital gubmint secrets encoded in technobabble, so the CIA partners up their top operative(Codename: Able) with the bank robber’s institutionalized serial killer brother to track him down before the police catch him and RUIN EVERYTHING.

Able and the Hangman.

It’s not that hard to see. Eidos’ Tomb Raider franchise had done well. Hitman was in production at the time. So Lionsgate figured that the next in line would be Kane & Lynch. They gambled that they could get the rights cheaper by buying them before the game came out and made a huge commercial splash.

Of course, no such thing happened, so they’re hoping to recoup the cost by making it a throwaway Bruce Willis vehicle.


Kane and Lynch might actually be better as a movie. I mean, I liked the game …

But if they try to make a throwaway movie to make up for the losses from a throwaway game - well, serves them right.

I agree. The premise is pure Willis. The problem with the game was that the gameplay was fucking terrible. A movie won’t have that problem. I don’t know anything about the specifics of the game’s plot, but I’m sure any elements that suck can be thrown out without much damage.

When I first heard of K&L I thought “Sounds like a great idea for a movie, not so sure about a game”. So I guess the movie could be good. Besides, since few really liked the game, they’re not risking much by not clinging too much to the game.


krise madsen

I ultimately liked the gameplay, as well - though it no doubt desperately needed more time in the oven. When a level actually hit the right spot, it was dead-on. Just so happens that I’m really attracted to the theme and tone.

The game’s plot is best around the mid-way point, things fall apart by the warzone bit, where it becomes obvious that they had to start rushing the game out.

The character interaction is what I would hope to see in the movie, as that was the most interesting part of the game. My greatest concern for the movie would be that they soften it up and try to make Kane justified in his actions.

If this news works out and Kramer will direct, it will instantly become my number 1 anticipated movie, even with Foxx as Lynch (hilarious). I love Running Scared.

Have it rewritten by Shane Black and we can call it “Kane & Lynch: Return of the Last Boyscout”

I am curious as to how much value original game IP has as a movie? I think of Prince of Persia which is out right now, and wonder why they coughed up money for the rights? Can’t you do a generic Arabian Nights kind of movie and do just as well? How many tickets are sold to gamers who would only go to this kind of movie because it’s based on a game? Wouldn’t most of them go to this kind of movie without the game tie-in?