Brutal Legend demo for preorderers only - BUELLER?

So, has anyone here actually preordered Brutal Legend through Gamestop, and gotten access to the OMG EXCLUSIVE FOR FOUR WEEKS EEEEEE demo? If you have, are you going to be brutally honest with yourself and us about the issues that make you already regret giving your cash to Gamestop? Or are you going to be saccharinely sugarcoating the whole thing in a fluffy pink rainbow blanket so you can live with yourself? Or is the game really dripping with metallic awesomeness and you are genuinely SO THRILLED?

I don’t really care, I just want someone to post SOMETHING about it, if’n yez got it :-)

well?.. well?.. well?

That is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. I miss the days when demos were there to help you decide if the game was worth your money.

What’s even worse is that it’s only Gamestop. I want Brutal Legend and I will preorder it from Amazon so I can get release date delivery. But Amazon didn’t pay off the publisher, so no early demo for me.

But wait, I thought Tim Schaefer could do no wrong?

Or are we going to blame this on EA only?


I think we know who you’re going to blame, Sarkus. (insincere smiley here)

4 weeks? It’s supposed to go up for non-preorders next week for the 360, and October 1st for PSN.

It is? I hadn’t heard that. Well, that’s very nice, then :-)

And I am amused that apparently no one fell for Gamestop’s trap. Or even has enough faith in Schafer to preorder from Gamestop period! (I have not been burned on Gamestop preorders, but I am also a bit on the fence about Brutal Legend… just a bit… just enough to wait for the demo / pre-reviews…)

Smart people pre-ordered from BestBuy so they got $10 off.

Amazon here. F’ Game Stop. Opening cinematic was hilarious, can’t wait to play the game. Hope it’s fun, but with a Tim Schafer game that’s just a bonus.

Actually, I think I know where the 4 week thing came from. That’s when the game is released

I ordered it from Gamestop long ago before this deal was announced, and they haven’t bothered to contact me with any information about getting the demo. I don’t want to ruin the game for myself anyway.

I had written the game off. Sorry but Heavy Metal does nothing for me, RTS do nothing for me, and console only RTSs are my kryptonite. However the first look on Giant Bomb sold on it. It was basically the whole demo

I think EA is making a HUGE mistake with this gamestop exclusive demo. They are basically pissing away the hype window for those on the fence.

I hope you can skip the boring cut scenes. I don’t need context to slice and dice people with a giant axe and guitar. The awesome is already off the charts.


Are you just being facetious? The cut scenes are the best part. That’s where most of the Funny is! The intro scene is kinda long, sure, but once you get into the game it looks like most of them are really short. And did I mention funny? They even did stuff like put the langauge and gore filter options in the intro cinematic in a strategically timed fashion to make even that mundane option-flipping elicit a giggle.

Skip the cut scenes indeed. GOOD DAY, SIR!

Yeah, sorry, it probably didn’t help I found the commentators giggling at really stupid shit even more grating than the snoozefest of an intro scene we were subjected to. OH MY GOD THEY BLEEPED THE CURSE WORDS LOL!! If this is what passes for humor we are in sad shape indeed. See NOLF for real funnies.

If you honestly didn’t find anything in that demo funny, then you have a poor sense of humor. To me, this game has the potential to be one of the funniest I’ve played in a long time.

That said, yes, NOLF was also quite humorous.

The menus truly are awesome.

p.s. I just hope the rest of the game is as tight as that demo was. I feel giddy every time I watch video of Brutal Legend.

Doesn’t GameStop have the Kyle Gass-voiced guitar thing?

Rob, the demo is only exclusive for a week. It goes into wide release this Thursday. Ultimately, I doubt this week of exclusivity will have any affect on sales at all. I might even be supportive of it if it gives Double Fine more cash in their pockets. They deserve every bit they can get.