Brütal Legend: Spöïlër Frëë Zönë

Too many umlauts, or not enough?

Anyway, anyone want to discuss their general impressions of the game without people giving away plot points they have yet to encounter? I know I do!

For instance, the soundtrack (that’s not really a spoiler, unless it’s put in context, right?) is amazing. It’s a great mix of old favorites and new [to me]. I’m really digging the Brocas Helm tracks. I’d never heard of the band before, and it’s a darn shame their albums are apparently so hard to get. And Peter McConnell’s original soundtrack is great, also.

I wonder how many albums from the Budgie back-catalog this game will sell. Jumping into the Deuce and hearing “Breadfan” kick up never gets old.

Who needs the band music? The game’s score itself is just amazing.

This is every fantasy I had in adolescence in one game. It is laugh out loud funny, there are a ton of nudges and winks,half the dudes look like friends from high school, and the game play is pretty fun too.

I said this in another thread, but since this is the spoiler-free zone, I’ll repeat it here: Don’t play the multiplayer until you’ve gotten to the part in the single-player game when you hear Ozzy Osourne’s “Mr. Crowley”.


I can’t even believe the crazy stuff they have going on in the sky. I don’t think it’s a spoiler since AFAICT it’s random what you see, but I won’t mention specifics just in case. Just… look up a lot.

In some ways (skyscapes! volcanoes!), this is the most beautiful game I have ever seen.

Is it wrong for me to say I prefer the Metallica cover?

The game’s music is amazing, but so is the metal included in the game. I would mention one particular hilarious song I heard last night, but it’d be a spoiler :-) Seriously, though, WIN for having a great score and so much great licensed metal.

I am also really digging the mythology.

The game is beautiful. The music is mostly awesome. The voices and characters are great. But the side missions seem pretty tedious to me (about 40ish% complete), and I find the controls frustrating for certain parts. The first two hours of the game had me constantly giddy with happiness, but now that I’ve seen all of the part of the world I’m in, the charm is wearing off (but I’m off to another part of the world, so hopefully I’ll become excited again).

From Tom’s 10 things you have to do in Brütal Legend, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out so far on this:

2) Refuse every mission

Just to hear the dialogue for turning down a mission. There’s some funny stuff in there. You can, of course, immediately accept the mission after you’ve heard it.

D’oh! That totally didn’t occur to me. I’ve already missed so much rejection dialog!!

Or Brutal Legends, as that article would have it.

Me neither! Damn!

Just the option of saying no cracked me up with the very first chance you got.

Start a revolution NOW/LATER!

Yeah, I keep writing it that way on accident because EA sent me five copies of the game.


One for every business day of the week?

Maybe you could trade two or three of those to Jose for one of his copies of DJ Hero.

Holy fuck, I love this game.

As do I. I just wish Eddie would stop getting stuck in areas he can’t possibly escape from alive. Like hillsides he can’t climb back up, leaving the chilly embrace of the water below the only option.

And a minimap would be nice, so I could better determine friend or foe upon approach.

Yeah, Tom, couldn’t you have written this article on Tuesday? Would have been more helpful then.

Obviously, this game has gotten under my skin, as my mind spent most of last night tooling around the Land of Metal in a sleek, jet-black, fire-breathing hot rod, axeing things up and running down the list of tunes that should have been in the game. In my dreamworld, the predominant album seemed to be Fates Warning’s “Awaken the Guardian.”

It takes a special game to get me to dream about it.

I don’t even like metal that much and the stage with Dragonforce’s completely appropriate “Through the Fire and Flames” was just so much awesome.

Am I correct in assuming there’s no way to find the dragon statues except to painstakingly scour every inch of the land for them? There’s no radar-like thing, or even Crackdown’s agility orb ringing sound to home in on, or anything?

Christ, I wish game developers would stop with this shit. They put hidden collectible stuff all over, give us meaningful in-game rewards for finding it, but give us no good tools to do so! I explored rather carefully and by the time I hit the ending I had like 80-90 dragon statues found. I can’t even imagine places I haven’t looked.

Finding the last hidden flags in Assassin’s Creed wasn’t fun.
Finding the last agility orbs in Crackdown wasn’t fun.
Finding the last dragon statues in Brutal Legend isn’t fun.

There has to be some sort of middle-ground between making you explore and rewarding you for it, and torturing you with a long and slow examination of every square inch of the game world.

Like, maybe once you have about 70% of the whatevers collected, you get a sort of sonar-like audible “you’re getting close” thing as your reward? And then when you get to 90%, you can a function that will literally point you in the direction of the nearest one?

Also: My girlfriend is now addicted to this game. NO YOU CANNOT HAVE HER! I SAW HER FIRST!