Brute Force/Halo DVD

Anyone secure their copy of the Brute Force/Halo DVD? Reserving Brute Force gets you a copy. It also comes with a host of demos.

The Halo DVD is just great. It comes with the E3 trailer, MAC trailer, and commentary from the developers.

This is what blew my mind, the commentary. It was great! Might we finally be seeing the rise of “developer recognition” in the US? Yeah, probly not. Anyway, I highly suggest to all the Halo fans out here.

Oh, it also has some really nice stuff for Brute Force. This title is going to be great!

Where is this from EB?

Isn’t all of that just the same stuff that was on the OXM discs, just compiled?

appears EB is doing it.

anyone know if this is internet only?

I picked mine up at GameSpot. They only had nine for the peeps who had reserved them.

It’s well worth it. The Halo stuff is just great!