BSG 36 - A Friend in Need... maybe

Ancient texts fortold a doom
Of a death made by their own hands
With metallic gleam and menace
They would be destroyed on their command

Through flight of peril and panic
Some of them would fall
And reach a different calling
To try and destroy all

But prophesies fortold
of a different path for some
Where heroes rise to meet the day
Whom would be the one

Words and promises to be given
As they sailed across the skies
Their power extended to their ships
And aid the peoples cries

Skill cards
Politics 1CP
Leadership 4DE

Tactics 6SfF
Treachery 0DC,1BL,3S

Cards played in the skill check activate
DC places 2 raiders in 7-8
BL places 1 Basestar in front, 1 civvie behind

Fail. Reckless fail. Reckless flips T1 By Your Command. Raiders, heavy raiders activate.

Heavy moves from 7-8 to 4

@rowe33 you choose, activate 7-8 first, or 5-6

I’ll go ahead and mark -1 pop for the crisis fail.


Sorry, had to reference the timing chart and the kids interrupted before I finished.

See above.

Activating 5-6 first means the 7-8 raiders move to 5-6, right?

Wrong. Activating 5-6 first would destroy thay civvie. So the raiders in 7-8 would move to 4

Ooops sorry, that’s what I meant, just screwed up the question. Ok, 7-8 first, moving those raiders to 5-6, then 5-6 to blast the poor civvy.

Ok. 4 raiders move to 5-6. One raider blasts the civvie, -1 pop. 10 raiders move to 3

Heavy advances.

Basestar activation. Roll 8. Pegasus or Galactica @rowe33?

@soondifferent your card

treachery please!

Pegasus please.

@CraigM just pinging

Ok, just back from a grocery run.

Engine room



Poke acknowledged!

what do you think @lantz @Knightsaber, I can roll track and damage. They’re likely to jump next turn anyway so even if track increases it’ll still get us closer to next rendezvous (and it will likely force them to use FTL. what happens if Gaeta gives them an extra jump prep at the end of the track? do they jump immediately or at end of turn?)

Or I can use some super crises but I think timing is not there, considering lull ahead.

If Gaeta give a jump prep as part of the ally action, that happens immediately, before the player action step. So in that hypothetical the player would no longer be able to activate FTL as they would jump before they activate it.

I don’t think that we want to roll the track and risk resetting the pursuit track.

Sounds like your super isn’t a great choice now?

Maybe keep working our way through the civilians or damage and filling up the fleet board with raiders?

Whatever, just don’t hit me.

ok let’s do that, I’ll go for Galactica damave and raiders in 2 @craigm

Ok, only 2 raiders get placed since there are only 2 remaining.

Damage incoming.

I’ll take a Leadership, Engineering and Treachery when he’s done over there.