BSG 36 - A Friend in Need... maybe

There is a Viper in 2, not in 4.

So decisions were made on the placement as it was declared.

So there was no real safe spot to move Civvies.

With 20 Raiders coming on the board, not like there could be either.

Only 20.

I can’t even read, but at least I got it right at the time. Sorry for the confusion.
Just asking, since 2x is lower than 12x, seems safer.

I did not move them either because I mistook the level of defense a space had or because I did not believe them to be worthy of defending, or because I mistook the level of defense one of the spaces had and I did not believe the other to be worthy of defending. Or I accurately deduced defense levels.

Either way I’m pretty sure I made the right call for at least one of them.

Ok, ok. Just scared. Say no more, there are baddies out there.

Ok all the cards dealt, cylon activations advance pursuit, everything comes through.

Cards incoming to @Snebmi shortly

Ok @Snebmi, good luck

I am not that kind of president @Perky_Goth.

@Snebmi, an XO would be awesome.

If you have a repair, going to fix the airlock is a pretty good option.

I know the Admiral would like to suicide.

Uh oh. I think I’m going to lose.

Struggling for a way to help you out on this. Fate is a little unfortunate.

Just don’t land the Heavies and I might be okay.

We’re not going to do it on purpose, but really up to the cards on if it happens since humanity doesn’t seem to concerned about trying to deal with them.

This is the worst part. I can almost hear Craig searching for a Heavy activation for ‘fun’.

I have complete trust in Craig’s impartial draw and his gleeful story if luck goes against you.

1XO @Jorn_Weines


Move to Hangar deck. Use ability to fix one of the best Vipers that is damaged.

For my action: Humans! Do you want me to try to do something spectacular with the Cylons in space 6? And can someone modify if so? I plan on making a lot of repairs when I am up next.

Someone let me shoot!
Also, get your glasses, 6 is empty. And I don’t mean the toaster’s brain, har.

I’m very confused why we’re focused on fixing shit when the entire Cylon fleet is outside.