BSG 36 - A Friend in Need... maybe

@CraigM activate the raiders please.

Oh boy.

Hold on to your butts, this is going to be a thing.

Am confirming one detail then will show the results.

Confirmation recieved.

Raider 1:

After the civvies in 2 ;)

1 pop

Now raiders in 1
Raider 1: 3
Raider 2: 7
@Snebmi plays EM
Reroll 2: 8-2=6
Raider 3: 1
Raider 4: 2
Raider 5: 4
Raider 6: 5
Raider 7: 2
Raider 8: 6
Raider 9 : 3
Raider 10: 4
Raider 11: 5
Raider 12: 8
Snebmi plays EM
Reroll 12: 6-2=4

She Lives!

@rowe33 your draw

Both Engineering please. @CraigM


Margaret Racetrack Edmondson Felix Gaeta
kendra shaw

Things are not on fire yet, see what you can do @rowe33

Well that sucked.

Can I use my action to wish for more actions?

I have way too much to do. Would be really helpful for humanity if I could get an XO at some point once space stuff calms down!

Can any pro-human modify a die roll?

Last chance, probably, for me to waste a lot of raiders if you have an XO. Can’t help with anything else.

What are the odds we’ll get lucky and have a crisis or quorum card that can execute me? I have a crap ton of baggage that won’t go away unless that happens.

I’m probably going to jail when my crisis hits. We can accept the risk of I can play a mutiny card to delay that.

After all this you’re going to let me lose. I see how it is.


The Centurion is still there. It’s stopping me from winning. I dislike it.

Assume I’m OPG-ing here, like I said earlier. I need a plan in addition to that though, as I’m still loaded with crap from our Cylon friend revealing.

Well, I dunno what cards you have, so there.

You could take your chances by visiting Gaeta for a jump prep. Or bad things. Your OPG is an action though so I dunno. Maybe you have a CS and can do that and play a Mutiny that doesn’t activate Raiders.

I can sort of modify.

Ok guess that’s the best we’ll get. @CraigM

Play Tactics 4 CS.

Action 1 - use OPG to nuke the centurion on board Galactica. I’ll draw 2 Tactics as part of this.

Action 2 - Play the below Mutiny card. Hopefully someone can modify the roll (or maybe I can, if I draw right in the above move)


Edit: nvm. Back tomorrow.




@soondifferent stomp on that Raider button.