BSG 36 - A Friend in Need... maybe

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1 card for me


The summons always works eventually.

They were always going to question her decisions. On again, off again Admiral Faust, recipient of the distinguished honor of two usurpations of power, and current jail bird. In the face of overwhelming Cylon forces, it was natural that the new leaders would question the old ones.

And some would love to capitalize on the madness. Take advantage of the changing of the guard, the turmoil within. Use it as a chance to inject more venom into the situation, weakening the admiral before she ever formally took command. It was, in short, an opportunity for ostentatious action.

Whom the blame fell on almost was irrelevant. Chaos for chaos sake some decided. One where convenient targets existed. And if the new admiral could be weakened prior to full transition? So much the better.

But chaos was not the only thing lurking. Inside Galactica were a myriad of ‘upgrades’ and 'improvements. Faust had hidden protocols, worked with the flight squads to place sensors all over. Ultimately made decisions that looked horrible on the face, but might just save the day.

Barely had the command authorization been received, when one such sensor started going off. Then another. Radiation detectors were spiking wildly near the tylium mining barge. The provenance of this data temporarially overshadowed by the value.

There would be a reckoning with Faust later, but for now the bombs were stopped.

Skill cards
Tactics 5ASC
Piloting 4MF
Engineering 3SR,3RS,4RS,5C
Politics 2StP
Treachery 3ABM

Total +19, pass. @rowe33 draws 2 treachery, has 12 cards and must discard 1

ABM adds 2 treachery to destiny deck.

3 raiders launch in 7-8

@soondifferent your card draw

Treachery please! @CraigM

Treachery and?

Discard Treachery 2SD

@CraigM play Treachery 2 Sabotage


Man you draw 2 different cards.

You need to discard 2 cards (it would not be possible to sabotage a second time, however, as both discards are simultaneous)

The Sabotage card also specifically says only 1 can be played a turn.

@CraigM I think @rowe33 needs to pick Pegasus/Galactica too on the damage.

Ahh you say I have 12 cards above but I only read the must discard 1 part, derp.

Discard 0TI also please.

I guess Pegasus goes boom here unfortunately.

Big bada-boom.

Love that movie, but I think Pegasus has 1 more dumb space left to blow up.

Maybe, I’m half awake and just babbling. But soon still needs to pick another card to get this show going.

When you pick your card you should also just activate raiders because activating raiders is so hot right now.

so hot right now

Sorry, crazy morning. Treachery and…piloting please! @CraigM