BSG 36 - A Friend in Need... maybe

Oh hey I got an idea.

Its in the corner, always miss that.

Also missing the destroyed mark on the AR

I’ll discard 0IW to move to the Rebel Basestar (because I’m infiltrating I’m human! haha), to the Hybrid Tank, discard my miracle token, and re-sort the next five crisis cards please.


(Sorry about the card sorting business but hey).

I guess that wasn’t totally necessary but it sure was fun.

@Perky_Goth your card draw choice

Don’t we have a crisis?

Oh right. About that.

Starting with… @Perky_Goth

Well hey, this one sure would be nice to pass!

Eng 3 SR on the check to make Eng positive

Forgot to check the thread for a bit, but I’m guessing most people weren’t here either.

Sorry, 0 cards


Someone should have let me shoot.

1 card @Jorn_Weines

Nothing @Lantz

0 cards @rowe33

2 cards for me.


I don’t think you can fit both of those through the bars!

Ah crap, 1 card then!

1 card @Knightsaber

2 cards


I’m making a note here, don’t trust Six again.

I was just dealt cards this way.

Whoops hi.