BSG 36 - A Friend in Need... maybe

Skill cards:

Engineering 1R,2R,6BN
Piloting 2EM
Treachery 0B,0DC,2SD

Total *+5, fail.

Bait places a civvie in 1, DC places 2 raiders in 7-8, -2 morale.

Raiders activate. Raiders destroy civvies in 5.

-1 pop, -1pop 1 fuel.
Raiders in 1 destroy new civvie there.
-2 pop


But it gets worse.

13 Raiders attack Galactica, 2 hits. Armory and Command.

On @Perky_Goth’s turn, the trauma token would execute Starbuck. The next crisis was raider activation with no jump prep.

Cylons win

Here you go.

Started with these:

image image

Was given these later:

image image

Yeah, not really surprising. I drew a lot of piloting last round to try and and get those cards that let me launch a lot of ships, but I got a bunch of EMs and 5MF, 4MF, 6BotB. Yeah, OK, I could cover a bit when the Cylons join and save it with an XO, it could even be better.
The XO never came, and never did respite. The end.

But I did screw up that thing with the CFB, I need to code a simulator so I don’t forget how it goes :)

I’m sad/not sad about not getting to the Crossroads. I probably would have been boxed.

@Snebmi had 4 antagonistic trauma tokens

Does it treat me as human if I’m still on Galactica then? I don’t even know :)

Also @rowe33 had a very interesting/ difficult set of loyalties.

Also the game was lost on his turn. The inability/ decision not to try and draw an XO for Starbuck was more or less game.

Well that and the 7 crisis cards in a row without jump prep, the next 3 all did not have prep as you knew @Knightsaber

The next 5 crisis cards sucked for humanity no matter what, I just ordered them in a slightly meaner way. The one with a crisis check first so the Treachery would happen.

Good move or great move? :D


The rebel Basestar check ended up being a trap, like the rest of Demetrius, there’s no time.

I mean, at least now I don’t have to get executed twice.

Thanks for running the game @CraigM!

I got my Cylon loyalty from @soondifferent. I thought we did a good job sheparding the fleet but it mostly took care of itself.

Good game all!

I just only realized that I won, too.


I’m having a terrible brain day.

Congrats Team Cylon!

And thanks for running @CraigM

Thanks for running @CraigM

I had a fun game, so thanks everyone for playing! (also sorry for the delays everywhere everyone!)

Thanks for running it, Craig - good game all!

I also appreciate Craig doing these. A lot. Much. Verily. More than can be fathomed.

Ah, yes, thank you as well, Craig, for putting up with us.

Good game everyone, and congrats fellow toasters @Lantz @Knightsaber!

I was Cylon from the get go, and while I did spike a few checks early on, my cards were utter dreck and I wasn’t going to make much of a dent vs the Demetrius land o’plenty. Still, getting both the mutineer and the 2nd Cylon card was fun though! Considered turning Snebmi and maybe god emperorhood, but Lantz was the safer choice.

Thanks for running this @CraigM

That would have been really fun. God-emperor for the fourth time in my BSG career. And I would have been CAG too!