BSG 37 - Second Chance Heroes

The wreckage was not even cold yet, ruins and disaster lay all around. Poisoned atmospheres and body piles, the machines had done their job well. Picking up the pieces seemed impossible. But for the remnant of the human fleet survival was not.

It would be dark, it would be tough, but it could be done they hoped. Time to buckle down and put one foot in front of the other. Count the losses, and count the living, and count down to evacuaiton.

The chase had just begun.

So last game we threw in a few tweaks. Ionian nebula, allies, Demetrius.

Tired: Demetrius
Wired: allies, Ionian

BSG Rules
Pegasus Rules
Exodus Rules
Daybreak Rules
Latest Errata

Game reference

The game will run with the Cylon Fleet board, found on page 12 of Exodus rules. Cylon ships, after a jump, move to that board. Cylon activations advance a tracker there. Revealed Cylon players may go there to take two of the possible actions listed, no discard to move there or back (unlike C1 or Pegasus for humans).

If no Cylon ships are on the main board, follow rules on P13 to place them on the pursuit board. I recommend everyone take a brief look, for brevity. They’re not too hard. We also gain the CAG title, which deals with a few small issues, and the are responsible for placing civilian ships. Succession is same rules as Admiral.

Ship stats:

Viper 5-7 damaged, 8 destroyed
Mk VII 6-7 damaged, 8 destroyed, may move two spaces instead of one.
Assault Raptor 7-8 destroyed, damage basestar with 7-8

1-2 damage basestar twice
3-6 destroy basestar
7 destroy basestar and 3 raiders
8 destroy all ships in space area

We will be using all characters from Daybreak and Exodus (plus the extra characters from the vassal module that mixes a few new ideas, makes a non crap Anders, and has human playable Cylon leaders)

We will be playing with Mutiny cards and Miracle tokens.

Miracle tokens refer only to Once Per Game abilities. You may only have a max of one. If, for some reason, a card would grant you a token and you already have one, you may not gain a second. However, if you have used your OPG, getting a Miracle token will allow you to use your OPG ability.

Some actions will force a player to take a Mutiny card. You may only have one in your hand. If you are forced to take a second Mutiny card, immediately go to the Brig and discard down to one Mutiny card, unless otherwise specified on a card. Cylon players may not have Mutiny cards. Revealed Cylons must discard their Mutiny cards, and may never draw Mutiny cards.

Previous Game Outcomes

1 - Ginger Yellow, Knightsaber, rowe33, soondifferent, ShivaX
Cylons - Fuel - ShivaX, rowe33
2 - scottagibson, rowe33, Knightsaber, Otthegreat, Lantz
Cylons - Morale - scott, Knight
3 - Lantz, rowe33, scottagibson, Otthegreat, Knightsaber
Humans - Lantz, scottagibson, Knightsaber
4 - Otthegreat, Lantz, scottagibson, rowe33, Otagan
Cylons - Destroyed Galactica - Lantz, Otagan
5 - Lantz, Otagan, Otthegreat, scottagibson, ShivaX, soondifferent, rowe33
Cylons - Destroyed Galactica - scottagibson, soondifferent, Otagan CL
6 - soondifferent, Otthegreat, Knightsaber, rowe33, Blueboy08, scottagibson
Humans - Otthegreat, Knightsaber CL, rowe33, scottagibson
7 - Otthegreat, scottagibson, CaseyRobinson, rowe33, CraigM, Jørn Weines
Cylons - Destroyed Galactica - Otthegreat, scottagibson, CraigM CL
8 - rowe33, CaseyRobinson, Knightsaber, Jørn Weines, soondifferent, Otthegreat
Humans - rowe33 CL, CaseyRobinson, Jørn Weines, Otthegreat
9 MEGA GAME - Lantz, Scottagibson, Rowe33, Otthegreat, Soondifferent, Knightsaber, Jostly, JefferyB, Jørn Weines
Humans - Scottagibson, Rowe33, Jostly, Jeffreyb, Soondifferent CL
10 - Jeffreyb, Soondifferent, Knightsaber, Rowe33, Jostly, Lantz
Cylons - Fuel - soondifferent, Jostly (CL), Lantz
11 - Otthegreat, Soondifferent, Knightsaber, Rowe33, Jostly, CaseyRobinson
Cylons - Centurions - CaseyRobinson, soondifferent, Rowe33 (CL)
12 - legowarrior, jeffreyb, Rowe33, Woodlance, Jorn_Weines, Tim_N
Cylons - Morale - jeffreyb, Rowe33, JornWeines (CL)_
13 - CraigM, legowarrior, Scottagibson, Lantz, Rowe33, jeffreyb(CL)
Humans - legowarrior, Lantz, Rowe33
14 - Rowe33, Jorn_Weines, jeffreyb, Lantz, soondifferent, Knightsaber
Cylons - Centurions - jeffreyb, soondifferent, Lantz (CL)
15 - Lantz, Otthegreat, Rowe33, Jorn_Weines, jeffreyb, soondifferent
Humans - Lantz, Jorn_Weines, jeffreyb
16 - CraigM(CL), Otthegreat, Jorn_Weines, Lantz, soondifferent, Rowe33
Cylons - Fuel - Jorn_Weines, Rowe33
17 - Knightsaber(CL), Jørne Weines, soondifferent, Lantz, rowe33, jeffreyb
Humans - Jørne, Lantz, jeffreyb, Knightsaber
18 - Knightsaber, jeffreyb, scottagibson, caseyrobinson(CL), Jørn Weines, Lantz
Cylons (fuel) Jeffreyb, Lantz, Caseyrobinson
19 - Perky Goth, soondifferent, Rowe33, Otthegreat, Jeffreyb
Cylons - Fuel - Jeffreyb, soondifferent
20- Rho21, Perky Goth, Lantz, Jeffreyb, Rowe33
Humans - Rho21, Perky Goth, Rowe33
21- jeffreyb, Lantz, Jorn_Weines, rho21, soondifferent
Cylons - Population - jeffreyb, rho21
21b - Perky_Goth, rowe33, CaseyRobinson, Otthegreat, Lantz
Cylons - Fuel - Otthegreat, Lantz
22 - Otthegreat, soondifferent, rho21, rowe33, Lantz
Humans - soondifferent, rho21, rowe33
23 - CraigM, rowe33, Strollen, Jorn_Weines, Perky_Goth
Cylons - Morale - Jorn_Weines, Perky_Goth
24 - soondifferent, Otthegreat, jeffreyb, scottagibson, Lantz
Humans - soondifferent, jeffreyb, Lantz
25 - Knightsaber, Jorn_Weines, Perky_Goth, Navaronegun, rowe33
Humans - Perky_Goth, Navaronegun, rowe33
26 - rowe33, Knightsaber, Lantz, Navaronegun, rho21
Cylons - Fuel - rowe33, Knightsaber
27 - jeffreyb, Jorn_Weines, Otthegreat, soondifferent, scottagibson
Cylons - Population - Otthegreat, scottagibson
28 - Jorn_Weines, jeffreyb, Perky_Goth, soondifferent, rowe33
Cylons - Fuel - Jorn_Weines, soondifferent
29 - rho21, Perky_Goth, Snebmi, soondifferent, Jorn_Weines
Humans - rho21, Perky_Goth, Jorn_Weines
30 - Lantz, Jorn_Weines, Perky_Goth, Cuthbert, rowe33
Cylons - Destroyed Galactica- Perky_Goth, Cuthbert
31 - soondifferent, Lantz, rho21, rowe33, CaseyRobinson
Humans - rho21, rowe33, CaseyRobinson
32 - soondifferent, Cuthbert, Otthegreat, Jorn_Weines, Knightsaber
Cylons - Destroyed Galactica - Jorn_Weines, Knightsaber
33 - Lantz, Rowe33, Jorn Weines, Cuthbert, Soondifferent
Cylons - Destroyed Galactica - Lantz, Cuthbert
34 - Knightsaber, Perky_Goth, CraigM, soondifferent, Cuthbert, Jorn_Weines
Cylons - Morale - CraigM, Cuthbert
35 - rowe33, Lantz, Cuthbert, CaseyRobinson, Guap, Perky_Goth, soondifferent(CL)
Humans - Lantz, Cuthbert, CaseyRobinson, Guap, soondifferent(CL)
36 - Lantz, Rowe, Soondifferent, Knightsaber(CL), Perky Goth, Snebmi, Jorn Weines
Cylons - Population - Soondifferent, Lantz, Knightsaber






Cylon Leaders












The Galactica

FTL Control l Action: Jump the fleet if the Jump Preparation track is not in the red zone*
*may lose population

Weapons Control Action: Attack 1 Cylon ship with Galactica.

Communications Action: Look at the back of 2 civilian ships. You may then move them to adjacent area(s).

Research Lab Action: Draw 1 Engineering or 1 Tactics skill card.

Command Action: activate up to 2 unmanned vipers.

Admiral’s Quarters Action: Choose a character, then pass this skill check to send them to the “Brig”
*difficulty 7 Tactics/ Leadership challenge

Hangar Deck Action: Launch yourself in a Viper. You may then take 1 more action*
*Viper pilots only

Armory Action: Attack a Centurion on the Boarding Party track (destroyed on a roll of 7-8)

Sickbay You may only draw 1 Skill Card during your Receive Skill step

Brig You may not move, draw Crisis Cards, or add more than 1 card to skill checks. Action: Pass this skill check to move to any location*
*difficulty 7 Politics/ Tactics check

Colonial One

Quorum Chamber Action If you are the President, draw 1 Quorum card. You may then either draw 1 additional Quorum card or play 1 from your hand

Press Room Action: Choose another player to draw 1 Mutiny Card (He does not go to the “Brig”). He then keeps 1 of his Mutiny Cards, and discards the rest. You may then discard a Mutiny Card.

President’s Office Action: Draw 2 politics Skill Cards.

Administration Action: Draw 1 Mutiny Card. If the President has any Mutiny Cards, choose a player to the President title. If the “Accept Prophecy” card is in play, the President may discard it to keep his title.

Cylon Locations

Caprica Action: Play your Super Crisis Card or draw 2 Crisis Cards, choose 1 to resolve, and discard the other*
*No activate Cylon Ships step

Cylon Fleet Action: Activate all Cylon ships of one type, or launch 2 raiders and 1 heavy raider from each Basestar

Human Fleet Action: Look at the top card of the Crisis or Destination deck and place it on the top or bottom of that deck, then draw 2 Skill Cards: Or: Action: Infiltrate Galactica.

Resurrection Ship : Draw only 1 Skill Card during your Draw Skill Cards Step. Action: Draw 1 Super Crisis Card. (New to Pegasus)

Basestar Bridge Action: choose two of the following
*The CAG must place 1 civilian ship, following placement rules
*Place 1 Basestar or 3 raiders on any one space on this game board
*Roll a die 1-3 decrease jump track by 1, 4-8 increase pursuit track by 1
*Roll a die, if the result is less than the number of raiders on the main game board draw 2 Galactica damage tokens, choose 1 to resolve.

Pegasus Locations

Pegasus CiC : Action: Choose a Basestar and roll a die: 1-3 = Damage Pegasus; 4-6 = Damage Basestar; 7-8 = Damage Basestar Twice

Airlock : Action: Choose a character and pass this Skill Check to Execute them. (12, Politics-Tactics-Treachery). Reduce the difficulty of this check by 4 if the character is already in the ‘Brig’.

Main Batteries: Action: Choose a space area to affect and roll a die: 1 = Destroy 1 Civilian Ship; 2-3 = Damage 1 Viper; 4-6 = Destroy 2 Raiders; 7-8 = Destroy 4 Raiders.

Engine Room : Action: Discard 2 Skill cards to treat the next Crisis card drawn this turn as if it had a ‘prepare for jump’ (jump prep) icon.

New Caprica

Medical Center : You may only draw 1 Skill Card during your Receive Skill Cards Step

Detention : You may not move or add more than 2 cards to Skill checks. Action: Pass this Skill check to move to any location *difficulty 9 Politics/Tactics check

Resistance HQ : Human Action: Choose a Character on New Caprica (human or Cylon), then pass this Skill check to execute them. *difficulty 7 Leaderships/Tactics/Treachery check

Occupation Authority : Human Action: If you are the President, you may draw 1 Quorum Card. Then you may play 1 Quorum Card. Cylon Action: Activate 1 occupation force and then place 1 occupation force on this location.

Breeder’s Canyon : Human Action: Reduce the highest resource by 1 to advance the fleet marker 1 space up the Jump track. Cylon Action: Draw and resolve the top card of the Crisis deck. Skip the Prepare for Jump Step of this turn.

Shipyard : Human Action: Prepare or evacuate 1 civilian ship. If you evacuate a civilian ship you may then move to any Galactica location. Cylon Action: Look at the top ship of the Locked Civilian Ship stack and place it on the top or bottom of the stack.

Rebel Basestar

Hybrid Tank : Action: Discard a miracle token or a Super Crisis Card to look at the top 5 cards of the Crisis deck. Then, place them on the top of the deck in the order of your choosing.

Datastream : Action: Discard a miracle token or a Super Crisis Card to search 1 Skill deck and its discard pile for any 3 cards. Then add those cards to your hand and shuffle the discard pile into the deck.

Raider Bay : Action: Discard a miracle token or a Super Crisis Card to choose a space area. Place either 2 raiders or 4 unmanned vipers in this area and immediately activate them.


Bridge : Action: If there is no Mission Card on the “Active Mission” space, activate the top card of the Mission deck. Do not draw a Crisis Card this turn.

Tactical Plot : Action: Look at the top card of the Mission deck and place it on the top or bottom of the deck.

Captain’s Cabin : Action: Choose a skill type (it may be from outside your skill set). Each player, including Cylon players, draws 1 Skill Card of that type.

Active Mission : When the fleet jumps: If this card is faceup and has a distance number on it, place it next to the Earth Objective Card. If this card is faceup and does not have a distance number, discard it. If this card is facedown, reshuffle it back into the Mission deck.

Rebel Basestar:

Hybrid TankAction : discard a miracle token or a Super Crisis Card to look at the top 5 cards of the Crisis deck. Then, place them on top of the deck in the order of your choosing.

DatastreamAction : discard a miracle token or a Super Crisis Card to search 1 Skill deck and its discard pile for any 3 cards. Then add those cards in your hand and shuffle the discard pile into the deck.

Raider bayAction : discard a miracle token or a Super Crisis Card to choose a space area. Place either 2 raiders or 4 unmanned vipers n this area and immediately activate them.



So going to cut to 5, since Cylon Leader is better in theory than practice.

Sorry @Jorn_Weines, you drew the short straw.

Player order
@Knightsaber - Tigh
@Lantz - Billy
@Perky_Goth - Dee
@rowe33 - Apollo
@rho21 - Seelix


Ionian Nebula

I’d be inclined towards keeping allies, Demetrius meh.

Ionian Nebula

So to check I have everything square…

  • Demetrius means we need to go 10 distance and can go on special missions to earn stuff like extra fuel and extra distance.
    Agreed this one is pretty meh, never seems to make much difference. Happy to take it or leave it.

  • Allies mean we have people to meet on the ship, with positive and negative effects. It also means we have to manage trauma tokens and have a crossroads phase that can cause some of us to lose the game independently of our team. And (if we’re not excluding those) sometimes you can get randomly executed.
    I like encountering allies, it’s fun. I dislike pretty much everything else about trauma tokens. But only mildly, happy to play with them.

Yes to all of those things. Ally tokens are a ‘ugh now I have to think about moving to that space’. And a ‘I really don’t want to go to Sickbay or the Brig’.

Also the Demetrius mission target numbers are excessively high. Like Super Crisis high.

I’m pretty meh on Demetrius. Maybe our games have just been missing the right circumstances but we rarely have the time to stockpile the cards to make trying for it make sense.

Good luck, have fun!

Yeah that’s the trick. It’s a really cool
Idea that

A) has high resource costs
B) action opportunity cost
C) is a gamble for useful action
D) has a sharp failure penalty

The checks are usually 4 color, but still 20+ mostly.

I think that the length of the games leads to a very conservative style of play vs if you are sitting with friends knocking it out in a couple hours. People are (understandably) unwilling to go for those yolo moves a month into a game vs 30 minutes.

There’s so many times that I have not executed someone on a strong hunch where in a RL game I definitely would have.

Partly because in a forum game there is better analytical data, in the absence of body language/ tells.

‘Jack has a shit eating grin, and is one of two players drawing engineering which spiked the last check. Suck vacuum Jack!’

So 3/5 checked in.

@Perky_Goth @rowe33 allies, Ionian, Demetrius?

Right now Ionian and allies are in, Demetrius out. Which was what I was thinking anyhow. If that works for you, on to character picking. Starts with @Knightsaber

I’ve been thinking.

I’ll take Colonel Tigh please.

I don’t remember what is what so I’ll go with the majority!

I lied, @Lantz picks next.

Sorry, I had a pretty big headache, just had the will for the news earlier. It’s all good now, but you made the proper choices anyway.

And in the game? Allies good with you? If so then it’s official.