BSG 37 - Second Chance Heroes

If I had a mod then I’d certainly play it here.

Well you know, I can only show one card at a time just in case the turn doesn’t continue as advertised.

Ok, going with as declared.

SP played on centurion shot.

Roll 3+2=5

That is not enough.

@Knightsaber confirm second action please.

Nuke then. Expectations low.

You might want some popcorn for this @rho21 has T4SP

Roll 7+2=

So, yeah, that happened

Medal of Distinction


I wouldn’t mind some opinions from the gang.

@Lantz @Perky_Goth @rowe33 @rho21

Rather add morale I think

Do I place the civvies using CAG rules orrrrr?

I never know on these.

This does not specify a space, and is from the same expansion as the CAG role which says that unless otherwise specified place according to CAG rules.

Yeah, addding morale and civvies makes sense. May need to risk an XO on a pilot very soon though to keep them safe.

I agree on morale/civvies. One in 4 for sure, then the other in 3 I guess would make the most sense. I could do some cleanup with an XO.

Everything is going to jump in. Are we ready for that? I suppose pop is less bad than morale.

I’ll take the top option and put a civvie in 4 and 7-8.

No more easy game.


FYI if you do the top option it will ultimately end with 1 civvie in every sector. The pursuit track will immediately drop 2 more, place a raider, then place a basestar and all ships come over

Found the Cylons though.

Can we backtrack a bit and let me consider a bit?

Yes, I’m grocery shopping now anyhow

Okay I’m not on my phone, so let me peruse.

So if I take the top option we get:

+1 Morale which is really tempting because it’s free Morale and who doesn’t want that except robots.
2 civvies.
Raider activation which is 2 more civvies via Pursuit and 2 more Raiders on the CFB.
Basestar activation which will plop a Basestar on the CFB and jump all the Cylons here.
And a jump prep.

3 of these things are bad.

If I take the bottom option we get:

-1 Morale, which always sucks.
Basestar activation which will plop a Basestar on the CFB and give us 2 more civvies.
And a jump prep.

2 of those things are bad.

Also I’m like 90% sure rowe made of metal and wires so his placement of the civvies is either going to force him into a longer game or make him move earlier.

Right now I’m only BFF’s with rho but we’re about to see if Lantz is still cool or not.

So instead of being sucked in by the pretty + option, I’ll take the OR. It at least gives us a chance to leave before major damage is done, luck willing.


No, seriously, I’m always afraid of the opposite thing people are; it’s not like resources always drop what we expect.