BSG 37 - Second Chance Heroes

Where is this coming from??

Two reasons.

After years of playing these, we’ve gotten to where the Cylons don’t make mistakes and they’re hard to pick out.

Also, I have to pick on someone, and you’re the only ‘real’ Pilot, so obviously you’re one of them.

Ok, shopping done, kids in bed, things happen.

-1 morale

Basestar activation roll 5, pursuit +1. 2 civvies to be placed by the CAG @rowe33

Reminder @rowe33 needs to place 2 civvies then it is @Lantz tur

Sorry, on Catalina Island for our anniversary! I’ll place them in 4 and 7-8. Figure I’ll be heading there to clean up space if someone can XO me beforehand, or my turn if still necessary.

Oh very nice, happy anniversary


I will get to this in a couple hours. Sorry for the delay but I need to consider a few things that are a little hard on my phone

I would like to clear my mutiny but it is kind of a bad time.

I will dump a [redacted] to get a peek at the slots.


Are you moving or staying out and encountering the ally?

Are we playing where the brig clears both mutinies or just one?


I totally forgot that was a thing we did a few times.

Since we now have 3 people with Mutiny it’s probably a good thing to figure out.

Quick poll!

Yea or nay to the above mod

As someone who once really wanted to abuse it, I’m inclined to say yes. Either way is fine, though.

I’d suggest if you go to the brig due to getting a second mutiny, you lose both. If you go to the brig for other reasons, you keep your mutiny.

No strong feelings for any of these plans.

I like this version. Seems to fit the spirit of the theme.

I like.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Also don’t forget that there are trauma tokens on sickbay and brig that you collect when you land on them. If it is a disaster (2/30) you are immediately executed.

I believe you get those at the start of your turn.

Okay, new plan, I will play Politics - 4PrP to save morale and see what happens with this encounter.

I think it’s worth the risk here. @CraigM

Edit - was going to delete this on the execution risk being next turn, not this, but on second thought a second do-over seems extreme even for me

This is my preferred method to break the ‘endless Mutiny’ chain that Cylons can sometimes manage to pull off.

Ok so several things happen at once.
PrP is played
@Lantz encounters Cantrell, who is antagonistic, giving him a mutiny.
He now has 2, and goes to the brig, which clears both.
He does not draw the token for now.
And now has an action

Yeah, even with the cut deck, as we have, that can happen and is super frustrating for sure.

Mutiny is great because it gives powerful abilities, at a cost, and can force tough choics. But the Brig parade can suck hard.